Floor-to-ceiling built-ins bring function to this spacious master closet.
The secret to its success lies in simple yet luxurious touches.
Here's how to make getting dressed fuss-free and fabulous!
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In this one-of-a-kind walk-in closet, a dramatic built-in resembles a freestanding hutch and puts shoes and purses on display, while double hanging rods organize clothes in the open. A stepladder helps make full use of the height of the closet, which is topped by shelves filled with vintage hatboxes for additional storage.

Group and Organize

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Shoes and purses make a design statement on a wall of open shelving. Pro tip: Group by type! Storing similar items together is more important than grouping by color, particularly when you need to get ready quickly.

Drawer Magic

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Deep drawers are ideal for bulky pajamas, sportswear, and items that don't always get neatly folded. They also leave room in this walk-in closet for more attractive items to be on display. Line the drawer bottoms with pretty paper for added style.

If the Shoe Fits (On the Shelf)

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Stay organized with a home for every accessory and pair of shoes. Slanted shelves hold heels and sandals in place while flip-flops are tossed together in a braided basket. Purses are easy to find when lined up by height on shelves.

Vanity and Vintage

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This built-in vanity combines practicality with the elegance of antique accompaniments. A vintage French chair and a gilded mirror add character and beauty while storing everything needed to do hair, makeup, and nails. Trays and braided baskets keep supplies handy, while drawers hold undergarments and lingerie.

New Uses for Old Things

makeup storage

Display regularly used cosmetics and accessories in attractive ways. An antique silver sugar bowl and cream pitcher are given new tasks holding makeup brushes and lipsticks on this walk-in closet's vanity. Who says storage can't be pretty?

Antique Inspiration

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Vintage-inspired home decor can add that extra sparkle to your jewelry. A leather-clad jewelry box organizes rings and bracelets, simplifying access to your outfit's finishing touches. Leave it open to let the jewelry box serve as art.

Trays for Everyday

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Silver serving trays picked up at flea markets are perfect for sorting jewelry and other small items. Fresh flowers can make an entire space more welcoming. Leave everyday items -- such as your favorite earrings or your daily perfume -- on easy-access trays or in small bowls atop your vanity or dresser.

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Better Homes & Gardens Member
February 17, 2019
Beautiful! I would have added decorative onlays to the top of the shoe/purse shelves area