Tiny Tweaks to FINALLY Organize Your Closet

Clothes piled on the floor, overloaded hangers, jumbled accessories -- sound familiar? Restore order in your closet with these tiny tweaks that yield game-changing results.

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    Color-Code Hangers

    Use color-coded hangers to group garments by type or season. Not only will the color system prevent clothes from getting lost in the shuffle, it will also help you keep tabs on what you have so you don't overbuy.

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    Play the Flip Game

    Start with all of your hangers facing in the same direction. Each time you wear an article of clothing, flip the hanger the other way. After a couple of months, take note of the hangers you haven't flipped -- if those items don't fit or no longer fit your style, consider donating them.

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    Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet

    Maximize your closet's storage potential with these easy and efficient solutions.

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    Use the Backs of Doors

    If you share a room or could use some extra prep space, use hardware-store add-ons to maximize storage. Attaching hooks, bars, containers, and a mirror to the back of this door created a handy hang-up spot for next-day outfits and accessories.

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    Label It

    We emphasize the importance of labels a lot -- and for good reason: There's no sense in riffling through every bin when you can label it, grab exactly what you need, and get out the door.

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    Store More with a Dresser

    Call on a dresser or shelving unit to boost storage. Watch and see how a small bookcase boosts storage in this small closet.

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    Add Handles

    For your top-shelf storage needs, enlist quality gift boxes. These pretties are perfect vessels for accessories. Use a piece of leather and a standard stapler to give each one a handle that makes it a cinch to grab what you want.

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    Enlist the Floor

    Organize tall boots and everyday shoes on the floor using a colorful tray or jelly-roll pan that can slide out with ease. Plus, the tray will spare your closet floor from dirt, grass, and gravel.

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    Hang Hooks

    Hooks and pegs offer adaptable storage right where you need it -- without consuming precious closet real estate. Hang belts, ties, and necklaces on hooks on the side of the closet for easy access.

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    Go Transparent

    Whether you have children who do better with see-through storage or you prefer a more pragmatic approach to your closet storage, opt for transparent bins over opaque ones so you can always see what's in store. If your closet lacks a door, choose containers with a similar aesthetic to create a cohesive look.

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    Use Liners

    Wire shelves promote air flow and prevent the possibility of mildew, but they're notorious for imprinting clothes. Ready to ditch the iron, but not your storage system? Cover wire shelves with plastic liners to prevent creases and slip-throughs. 

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