Organize a Small Entry Closet

Contain drop-zone clutter for a streamlined appearance -- and easy upkeep -- in your entry closet. These affordable small-closet ideas are the key to swift arrivals and departures.

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    Clean and Clutter-Free

    Take a coat closet from messy to manageable with a few simple swap-outs. Ditch the basic rod in favor of adjustable shelves that allow you to divide and conquer storage needs, then stock shelves with practical products that prompt organization.

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    Thrifty Hang-Up

    Devote an upper section of the closet to in-season outerwear. A partial rod turns previously unused space into prime real estate. Categorize hanging garments by type, season, or family member with clothespins and cardboard tags.

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    Closet Catchalls

    Label storage bins for function and flair by tying on pretty gift tags with ribbon. Divide outerwear accessories into bins by season. Separate containers for sun, rain, and snow, making it easy to find the right gear.

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    Sporting Goods

    Corral sports equipment in a generously sized laundry hamper on the closet floor. A sturdy basket with handles is easy for all family members to use, and the lack of a lid allows for tall accessories -- such as tennis rackets -- to be stored.

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    Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet

    It's simple to declutter your closet with these five must-know organization tricks.

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    Tech Hub

    With right-size containers, it's easy to keep tangled cords and missing chargers to a minimum. Fill small drawers or photo boxes with electronic accessories, then label the drawers for items within.

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    Paper Trail

    Office accessories make a slim closet shelf work harder. An in-box and out box fashioned near the entry manages the flow of daily mail. Use a stack of letter trays to bring order to papers that aren't time-sensitive, such as items to be filed and reading materials.

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    Command Central

    Keep everyone in the family on task with a calendar displayed inside the closet door. A dry-erase version is easy to update on the fly. Use magazine holders for schedules, messages, and shopping lists.

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    Keys to Success

    Find keys every time by giving them a safe home on a closet sidewall. Use a simple hook rack to accommodate a medley of keys -- cars, house, mailbox -- in an easy-to-remember spot.


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    Shoe In

    Street dirt stays off the floor with a shoe tray placed at the bottom of the closet. Choose a design that's easy to rinse and wipe clean.

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    BONUS: Small Entryway Command Center

    Pack in entryway storage beyond the closet with a fit-anywhere command center.

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