Organizing your child's closet with open storage is easy to do with these simple shortcuts.

By Cyndy Aldred
Updated August 20, 2018

Out in the Open

Creating out-in-the-open storage makes a big impact when organizing a child's closet. If your child can easily spot all the items in a closet, he or she won't have to hunt and dig for something, which can turn a closet upside down in a hurry. With open storage, he or she can see where things belong and even help put things away!

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Rethink Shoe Shelving

Open storage doesn't mean you can't incorporate organization products. Try incorporating a shoe shelf, being sure to bolt it to the wall for safety. This quick addition increases your open storage for kids' clothes like T-shirts, sweaters, and other items that are easier to fold than hang.

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See-Through Storage

Another quick trick for creating open closet storage is to use clear storage bins instead of fabric or solid-color bins. See-through bins make it easier for children to find what they're looking for. They also help kids see where to put things back where they belong.

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The Little Stuff

Creating storage solutions for all the little stuff in a closet is just as important as housing the big things. Rather than your daughter turning her closet inside out looking for a certain accessory, she will know right where to find it with clear storage bins or shallow baskets. Tucked into shoe shelving, these bins or baskets can store multiple small items like belts, bags, gloves, and scarves. Plus, they're easy for your child to slide off the shelf, find what she needs, and push back in place.

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Maximize Space

As with any other area, look for wasted space in your child's closet where you can incorporate additional storage. For instance, incorporate shoe storage into the back of the closet door with an over-the-door unit. If you can maximize areas of wasted space and give items like shoes a dedicated home, your child will know where to look for these items.

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