Storage Guide for Kids' Closets

Make your child's closet more user-friendly and better organized by installing these simple storage units.

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    Twin Closets

    Two closets are better than one, especially when it comes to storing kids' gear. This symmetrical design provides maximum storage, which means less stuff thrown on the floor.

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    Freestanding Solution

    Pretty in purple, this freestanding unit provides all the storage space of a built-in closet. If you don't have actual closet space, this is an ideal way to boost your home's storage capacity.

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    Tools for Organization

    Prevent clutter by making the most of the space above and below the closet's hanging rack. Two wire shelves installed near the ceiling create an out-of-the-way space for storage boxes, and shoe racks keep things organized.

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    Dressing Room

    Take your child's walk-in closet to the next level by creating a mini changing room. By keeping clothes and shoes all in one organized space, it's easier to prevent a mess from spreading all over the room.

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    Coordinate Space and Colors

    This closet shelving unit includes a place for everything. Dirty-clothes hampers and separated hanging racks make finding and organizing clothes easy. Plus, brightly colored bins can help kids remember where to find (and store) their gear.

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    Keep It Neat

    This large walk-in closet stays tidy with the help of extra drawers, shoe cubbies, stackable containers, and specialized hangers.

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    Add Personality

    Make your child's closet fun and organized with bright colors and fun accents like this side-swept curtain and fun, furry chair.

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    Try the Unexpected

    Finding innovative ways to store your child's books and toys creates a one-of-a-kind room. Here, an old canoe was hollowed out and halved to create this cool bookcase.

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