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One system definitely does not fit all when it comes to closets. Here's a list of closet-system manufacturers to help you on your storage quest, whatever your budget.

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    Planning Your Closet System

    Maximize your closet capacity with these tips for organized success.

    1. Take inventory. To know what you need, you need to know what you have. Make a detailed, itemized account of everything stashed in a closet. Then you can determine how much space you need for short- and long-hanging items, and whether you need drawers or shelves, or both.

    2. Consider relocation. If you discover a few awkward odds and ends on your list, contemplate storing items in alternate locations. Move a robe to a back-of-door hook, formal gowns to a coat closet, or hats to underbed storage rather than losing valuable space for everyday clothes.

    3. Think ahead. Will your lifestyle, and consequently your clothing needs, change in the years ahead? Does flexibility matter? If so, opt for a wall-mount bracket system or built-in unit that allows you to adjust shelf and hanging heights.

    4. Do the math. Plan your hanging storage around the length of your clothes. Use these standard vertical measurements as a guide:
    -- Women's shirts: 36-40 inches long
    -- Men's blazers and shirts, women's skirts: 38-42 inches long
    -- Women's long dresses and coats: 60-70 inches long
    -- Women's cocktail dresses and pants hung by cuff: 48-50 inches long
    -- Double-hung pants: 20 inches long

    5. Don't forget about feet. There's no one-size-fits-all solution for shoes with tall heels or for boots. Measure shoe heights when assessing your needs.

    6. Choose the right closet system. See our favorite closet-system manufacturers on the following pages. We've listed details about materials and product lines, plus pricing and contact information so you can make the right choice.

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    California Closets

    Product Lines & Materials:
    Multiple product lines and finishes, including the recently introduced Lago collection inspired by Italian wood veneers. Design options and product line availability vary by location.

    Closet systems begin at $500; average system costs $3,000-$5,000 installed.

    Where to Buy & Contact Info:
    100 franchise locations worldwide.

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    The Closet Factory

    Product Lines & Materials:
    Custom-designed closet systems: engineered wood with melamine or solid-wood veneers in many colors and woods.

    8-foot reach-in closet starts at $400.

    Where to Buy & Contact Info:
    82 franchise locations worldwide.

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    Closets By Design

    Product Lines & Materials:
    Three product lines at varying price-points: Everyday and Classic collections have 3/4-inch elements and overlay doors. The Regency Premium Package features 11/8-inch panels, 3/4-inch shelves, and inset doors and drawers.

    Installed custom closet starts $400.

    Where to Buy & Contact Info:
    33 locations nationwide, plus in-home consultation.

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    Product Lines & Materials:
    ShelfTrack vinyl-coated steel-wire shelving and ready-to-assemble laminate organizing units and systems. Easy-to-install vertical standards combine with snap-in-place brackets, bars, and shelves.

    8-foot reach-in about $130.

    Where to Buy & Contact Info:
    Sold at home centers nationwide.

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    The Container Store

    Product Lines & Materials:
    Two product lines: Elfa and Elfa Decor. Elfa: steel-wire components in two finishes; plastic drawer liners and melamine shelves and drawers. Elfa Decor: epoxyed steel mounting elements and components in an array of wood and wood veneer finishes.

    Elfa: 8x10-foot walk-in about $1,200; Elfa Decor: 6x8-foot walk-in about $3,250.

    Where to Buy & Contact Info:
    Sold online and through 44 stores nationwide; design service by phone and online.

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    Easy Track/ORG

    Product Lines & Materials:
    Easy Track: do-it-yourself storage kits; 5/8-inch particleboard with melamine laminate; three finishes. ORG: custom-designed and installed 3/4-inch, 1-inch, or 11/8-inch particleboard with 13 melamine finishes; eight wood veneer finishes. Custom finishes available.

    Easy Track kit starts at $150; ORG 8-foot reaching closet starts at $650.

    Where to Buy & Contact Info:
    Easy Track sold at retail and home center stores or online. ORG available through authorized dealers.

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    Product Lines & Materials:
    Organizers ship directly to customers. Affordable and easy to design and install. Guaranteed systems made from 3/4-inch high-density particleboard with a melamine coating. Available in seven colors and hardware finishes and multiple styles. Upgrades and accessories optional.

    8-foot reach-in closet $350-$1,500; typical walk-in closet $800-$3,000.

    Where to Buy & Contact Info:
    Sold exclusively online; customer service available by phone.

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    Organized Living

    Product Lines & Materials:
    FreedomRail and Classica adjustable storage system with boxes, shelving, and accessories; cherry, maple, bisque, or white furniture-grade melamine, or white and nickel steel wire. Easy to install with level and drill; does not need to be mounted into studs.

    8-foot reach-in closet $400-$1,000.

    Where to Buy & Contact Info:
    Sold online and through specialty retail stores, hardware centers, and design professionals.

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    Product Lines & Materials:
    Modular components hang from wall racks inspired by heavy-duty retail displays. Metal components available in polished chrome and satin nickel; wood elements in seven finishes.

    $90-$400 per linear foot.

    Where to Buy & Contact Info:
    Sold through 40 dealers worldwide.

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    Poliform USA, Inc.

    Product Lines & Materials:
    Modular components designed as freestanding units or custom-designed to fit a space, including Ubik walk-in closet system and Senzafine closet and wardrobe system. Available in melamine or wood finishes. Options include glass or mirror doors.

    $800-$1,000 per linear foot.

    Where to Buy & Contact Info:
    Sold through design professionals at 30 dealers and showrooms nationwide.

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    Product Lines & Materials:
    Four- to 8-foot classic custom kit includes baskets, drawers, shelves, and cubbies. Requires only one measurement and no cutting, installs quickly, and provides many configuration options. Durable satin-nickel or white finish.

    $100 per kit.

    Available online and at home centers and discount retailers.

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    Studio Becker

    Product Lines & Materials:
    The custom-fit Ultimate Wardrobe modular system: engineered-wood core with solid-wood veneer; numerous standard and custom finishes available. Accessories include jewelry inserts, hidden electronic safes, shoe storage solutions, and pants racks.

    About $400 per linear foot.

    Where to Buy & Contact Info:
    Sold through authorized dealers and showrooms.

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