Lack of storage space is a problem that nearly all of us face. Whether you're blessed with lots of room or limited to pint-size square footage, there never seems to be quite enough space for clothing. Thankfully, there are a few cheats and tricks to organize your attire. Read on for our favorite ways to style your clothing and accessories with nothing but a clothing rack and a little creativity.

June 27, 2016
clothing rack

When grappling with a tiny closet, sometimes the only solution is to display things out in the open. If that's the case, bring visual order to overflow by hanging clothes on matching gold or copper hangers hung from an exposed rod. Although the metal hangers may cost more upfront, you'll only need one or two packs to achieve maximum impact. (Image via Burkatron)

Start with a Stick

clothing rack

If ready-made versions of organization systems are too pricey, don't despair. You can get the same look in your own home for next to nothing, as proven by this DIY clothing rack. To assemble, grab a straight stick from outside, string it from the ceiling with wire, and hang your most-loved frocks and scarves from the reimagined rod with matching standard hangers. (Image via Sugar & Cloth)

Incorporate a Jeweled Display

clothing rack

Contrary to popular belief, the standard clothing rack doesn't need to serve simply as a place for jackets, dresses, and T-shirts. Load your own clothing rack up with small-scale accessories using S-hooks. Sunglass clips, necklaces, and even cute hanging plants are fair game. (Image via Fall For DIY)

Show Off Your Shoes

shoe rack

There may not be scientific evidence to prove it, but it sure does feel like footwear has the ability to multiply at will! If your obsession has gotten out of control, display go-to shoes on a metal gridded rack and lean it against the wall in your bedroom or entryway. Simply slip heels through the holes, and you're done! Choosing the perfect pair has never been easier. (Image via Burkatron)

String a Light on It

clothing rack

Small-space dwellers know that tiny closets can often be the least of a person's worries. With hardly any room for a bed, let alone a nightstand, even the simplest style decisions like where to put a lamp can be a struggle. Allow your utilitarian clothing rack to pull double or even triple duty by styling it with your favorite shirts and shoes, plus a looped-on socket pendant light. (Image via Hommie)

Breezy Kid's Closet


Busy parents know that getting their kids (and themselves) ready on any given day can feel a bit like a marathon. Cut yourself and your little ones a break by styling a minimalist clothing rack in the corner of a room with their favorite accessories and clothing pieces. The items can be swapped out as their whims evolve, and the open-air display allows for easy grabbing at a moment's notice. (Image by Tifani Lyn for Glitter Guide)

Best In Show


Any good fashionista or budding personal stylist knows that curating the perfect collection of clothing takes time. Don't hide those incredible finds and designer pieces away in your closet. Instead, display them loud and proud on a clothing rack right in your bedroom. This way, your silk dresses and sequined jackets add unique personality and charm to the design of your space as a whole. Now that's time and money well spent! (Image by Studio Castillero for Glitter Guide)

No-Mantel-Required Stocking Storage

stocking rack

Stockings may not be your average slip-on accessory, but we know you'll love this trick come the holiday season. To re-create this DIY clothing rack, simply connect wooden dowels using copper pipe fittings, then hang your Christmas stockings from the poles. This creative idea is perfect for those who don't have a mantel to decorate, plus it can be used for regular clothing storage the rest of the year. (Image via The Merrythought and Poppytalk)

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January 11, 2019
I think they are cute ideas
October 10, 2018
I agree with watsonbrown1980. These ideas are terrible. They sure aren't for people with SMALL closets.
October 10, 2018
These are good ideas but only for people with bigger closet space not apt type spaces or someone with multiple kids and lots of things to organize.