Repurpose a Closet to Fit Your Storage Needs

Thinking about a closet makeover? Check out our kitchen and bathroom closet design ideas and find out how to repurpose available space into a storage hub.

If you want to repurpose a closet, start by determining what you need to store, says Lea Schneider, professional organizer and founder of Organize Right Now. Are you a bulk shopper or frequent entertainer? Try organizing your closet around a theme. "You could choose a theme based on your frustrations and then make order out of that chaos," Schneider says. Then, empty the closet of its current contents. "As you do so, ask yourself if you love it, use it, or need it. If you don't, donate it."

When remodeling closets, your next step is to come up with closet design plans. Group everything you want to move into the closet. Then, determine its best location in the closet (heavy things at the bottom or rarely used items in the hard-to-reach spots), and figure out what storage aids you need to buy. For a small closet design, Schneider recommends thinking vertically and using the closet door to maximize storage space.

Dedicate the next day to organizing, labeling, and storing the closet's new contents. Get your household back to normal as soon as possible. "Sometimes, we can pace out an organizing project, but this isn't a good option for a kitchen or bathroom, as both of those spaces need to be used often each day," Schneider says.

We'll introduce you to a number of smart closet storage ideas for your kitchen and bathroom. From coffee stations to spa-worthy spaces, we'll ensure your next closet redesign is a success.

Small Closet Organization Ideas

For Your Kitchen Closets

Bulk Shopping Pantry

Reserve space for bulk-purchase items such as cases of canned foods and drinks, large packages of paper towels and toilet paper, even large bags of pet food. Keep an accessible stock of bulk-purchased items in your kitchen for everyday use.

Storage ideas: Try glass jars to hold bulk-bought nuts, grains, and baking essentials. Ready-to-assemble wood crates and tons of baskets corral individual items, like snack pouches and potatoes. 

More Tips for Organizing Bulk-Bought Goods

Holiday and Entertaining Storage

Place seasonal items such as dinnerware, servingware, and decorative accessories on the top shelf of the pantry. Make room for any little-used barware such as extra wineglasses, decanters, bottle toppers, or ice buckets.

Storage ideas: Use a wine rack to house bottles you're saving specifically for the holidays. 

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Baking Center

Keep bowls, cookie cutters, paper liners, cookbooks, and other baking needs easily accessible by utilizing a tall storage closet. Fill up the other shelves with extracts, spices, flours, sugars, and nuts. 

Storage ideas: Enlist a lazy susan to spin through small containers with ease, and use mason jars to hold bulky ingredients. 

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Stylish Coffee Station

If making a cup of coffee needs to be an experience, this closet redo is for you. This built-in houses cups, saucers, coffee makers, decanters, and more. 

Storage ideas: A silver tea tray makes it easy to set up coffee service in a snap. And heavy-duty glass shelves support all of your mug needs. 

Gorgeous Coffee Station Ideas

For Your Bathroom Closets

Guest Supply Closet

Include extra towels, soap, tissues, toilet paper, toothpaste, and toothbrushes for visitors' use. Organize towels by size so they are easy to identify and restock after use.

Storage ideas: Unwrap a bar of soap to keep the closet smelling fresh and use multiple baskets that make it easy for guests to pull out what they need. 

Spa-Worthy Bath Corner

Treat yourself to the bath best ever by stocking a closet with towels, bath bombs, candles, luxurious soaps, and more. 

Storage ideas: Set up the closet as close to the tub as possible so clean up is a breeze. 

Medicine and First Aid Center

Secure occasional-use items such as allergy pills or cough syrup, humidifiers, vaporizers, and heating pads on high shelves. Store general first aid items, including bandages and ointments, at an easy-to-reach level. Keep hazardous items out of the reach of children.

Storage ideas: Designate areas for each member of the household and store items by use such as cough and colds, pain, and first aid.


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