Make closets function more efficiently and feel bigger with these simple ways to streamline storage and organization.
built-in linen closet

Storage closets can be a bit of a catch-all for your family's belongings, spare linens, hobby supplies, and more. Because of their many functions, they are prone to clutter. To avoid this and have a space that works for you, take a look at our tips below. We'll show you how to use labels, baskets, and various storage tricks to hack your small closet. With the right storage system, everything will have a place and it will stay that way.

After-School Drop Zone


Your house can go from clean to messy in the first ten seconds your kids are home from school. Backpacks are dropped on the table, shoes and coats are left by the door, and heavy duffle bags with sports equipment are tossed on the floor. Make it impossible for your kids to do this by creating an after-school drop zone. Equipped with plenty of hooks for coats and backpacks, there are no excuses for a cluttered entryway. This nook has a shoe storage unit with an extra-large surface on top to hold bulky gym bags that don't fit on hooks.

Make it Adjustable

Supply and Demand, organization, organize

If you or your kids have a creative eye, you're probably drowning in ribbon, paper, beads, and more. However, not everyone has a full room to dedicate to their hobby. If this is the case, a well-organized closet will do the trick. Install an adjustable storage unit in a hall closet with shelves and baskets that can be easily moved around. This way, you can create the perfect solution for your needs, and give them space to change throughout the years. Additional elements such as an over-the-door pocket unit and collapsible file cabinets can also take advantage of valuable storage space.

Organize How You Use It

Back Door Entry: Grab & Go

Whatever your closet corrals, it's more likely to stay orderly if it's organized by how you use it. Each season, set aside time to declutter and throw away items that are no longer needed. Relegate out-of-season decor, accessories, and clothing to high shelves and bring relevant items to the forefront. Place heavy, frequently used items on lower shelves or at floor level for easy access and lifting.

Bins & Baskets

Storage bins

Perfect for toys and clothes alike, bins and baskets are inexpensive; available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials; and are equally at home storing just about anything. Sort like with like, and label each container. The key to returning things to where they belong is labeling—not only the containers, but also the shelves where they belong. Tag labels looped through basket handles can be moved around as needs or seasons change. A lidded container will shrug off dust and keep contents from spilling should it take a tumble.

Customize Your Closet

Utility Matters

Elevate a basic closet with a customizable system of bins, rods, hooks, and cubbies. From over-the-door organizers to self-adhesive hooks, vertical storage is a lifesaver in most small closets. Store overflow items, such as paper products and cleaning supplies, near the house entry for quick and easy retrieval. In this cleaning supplies closet, labeled door caddies stocked with cleaning equipment take advantage of back-of-door space. Hang a collapsible step stool inside the door for quick access to items stashed on high shelves. If your home has young children or pets, place cleaning contents near the top, and lock cabinets for safety.

Prime Perches

hall closet coats shoes

A hook requires mere inches of wall or door space and can be positioned at any height. Try dangling a satchel, jewelry, or scarves on a set of hooks. Hang kids' backpacks and jackets on lower hooks so they can reach without needing to ask for assistance. An over-the-door pocket organizer frees up floor space and makes tidying up a snap.


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