Small-Closet Organization

When closet space is at a premium, it's important to make every inch count. Keep your small closet organized with these storage-rich tips to make it live large.

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Even the slightest sliver of closet space can produce major storage results when you think creatively. Maximize your small closet organization techniques by identifying how to hang, fold, and organize everything inside your small closet while keeping it visible and within reach. By combining small closet hacks with smart solutions, you'll find that your dream clean closet really isn't too far away. All you had to do was switch up a few organization systems. Check out our closet storage ideas below for how to organize a small closet with a lot of clothes. These storage ideas that will change your daily routine.

Small Walk-In Closet Design Ideas

Divide & Conquer

Wire shelf dividers

Wire closet dividers are essential for small closet organization. They keep stacks of sweaters, T-shirts, and jeans from toppling each time you change outfits. Encourage order by shifting seasonal items to the top shelf and organizing everyday items at eye level. Label shelf edges so everyone knows what goes where to avoid mix-ups.

Embrace Storage Accessories

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Accessories from shelf dividers to stackable bins are a small closet's best friend. Innovative, off-the-shelf products from local home improvement centers can organize wardrobe and grooming essentials for convenience.

You'll be surprised at how many small closet hacks you already have in your home, too. Over-the-door hooks and organizers can save valuable hanging space by stashing coats, bags, or drop-zone items. Small containers or decorative dishes are great for a jewelry drop-zone.

Bedroom Closet Organization

Customize Creatively

Laundry basket labels

To learn how to organize a small closet with a lot of clothes, consider an easy DIY project. In just a few hours, you can customize removable drawers for your small closet design. Basket-style drawers on runners or laundry baskets easily slide in and out for easy access. Depending on the closet's width, you might need to install a vertical dividing board to support the runners. Use screws to secure the board to the bottom of the closet and the shelf above.

Shoe Storage Solution

Shoe Storage Solution

End the hunt for a matching pair of shoes with closet shoe storage that lets you see and access everything with ease. Open shelves eliminate piles of jumbled footwear and keep shoes perfectly paired. Adjustable shelves can accommodate any shoe style and make the most of narrow closet spaces. Use shelf liners to add a slip-resistant layer of personality to plain white shelves. If built-in shelves aren't an option, consider a old freestanding bookcase for a small closet hack.

Hardware Hang-Ups

Handle Space

Small bedroom closet ideas can come from anywhere. If you don't believe us, just take a look in your kitchen. Easy, inexpensive solutions, such as hooks and hardware, create distinct places for every item. Here, hardware handles turn a tight space inside a closet into storage for hanging ties and scarves. Gently knot scarves after hanging to keep them from slipping to the ground. Keeping items off the floor makes any closet feel larger.

Choose the Right Light

hallway closet

Install "white" bulbs in your small closet, which is a smart hack that will enable you to see colors more accurately. Place the light source in the center of the ceiling and ensure it's bright enough to illuminate your space. Track lighting and recessed lighting, which both generate considerable heat, should be used only in room-size closets.

Tame Closet Clutter

Labels for Organization

Adhesive storage labels come in all shapes and sizes, but they all prompt organization and make life easier by answering the ever-present question of what goes where. Metal-frame label holders allow you to revise signage as storage needs change and are easily affixed to shelf fronts.

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