Double Closet Space with ONE Simple Swap

One simple swap gave this tiny closet the capacity to hold twice as many coats -- and look fantastic doing it.

One simple swap gave this tiny closet to hold twice as many coats – and look fantastic doing it.

Not all storage is created equal, and this closet makeover can prove it. See how a seemingly simple swap doubles its organizing space for accessories and more.


  1. Shown the same old over & over. I don’t warch videos either. And who want all that clutter exposed in a room. Buy an amoir.

  2. I agree with the others-i haven't enjoyed this website in a LONG time. I really want to read some of the articles, but the "price" of doing so is just too high - it makes me really angry. Your content is still good - I wish I could turn of the advertising - constant flashing and popping and taking up all the space - and I just want to look at the damn pictures and ready the article, but you are making that really difficult! Its hard to follow the article for more than a sentence or two before something gets in the way. The annoying pop-ups and constant distractions - for instance right now on my screen I there are 4 moving/flashing advertisements, in addition to something in the corner that's really irritating and the banner about the sweepstakes at the bottom. Who cares about that! What about my article! Its a real bummer and its incredibly annoying. Too bad, because I used to really like the content and used to find it very helpful, but now it comes with a price - the angst! I still like the magazine but no longer look at this website. In fact, I still haven't found the article on the closets I was interested in. Oh well, I've just had it with this site. At least offer a button that says "don't show this again" or something!! I may be back, but not until its fun again. Thanks, Laura B, Minneapolis

    1. I totally agree

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    1. I Agree - very frustrating

  4. I hate the videos and much prefer slides. I hate the pop-ups and ads, like everyone else, and do not visit the site as much as I used to.

  5. I would like to see the before picture also. Often there has been a "purge" to get the closet to this status and it is not always sustainable. You should move add content exclusively to the side and muted.

  6. Not only are the pop-ups annoying and distracting, but your pages are so full of junk, that they won't even load properly. And don't say it is my junky computer, because it is a gaming computer, which is kept in tiptop shape by my computer tech son. And it is JUST your site.

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  8. I agree with the commenters.

  9. video is too fast and does not allow time to take it all in. Would prefer photos and text.

  10. I hope you are listening to what your consumers are saying. I often never get to see the product due to the annoying popup advertising. This website is the worst. Please change it.

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