Colorful Cheats to Organize Your Closet

There are tons of tips for organizing your closet, but what about adding style in the process? These five ideas will help you get your closet in gear and bring a bit of color and fun into your day.

Bin It!

There is nothing like the power of the almighty bin when organizing your closet. Brightly covered fabric bins will organize all of your small items including undergarments, socks, bags, and purses. Add labels to the bin fronts to make sure you know which one is which. If you already have bins but they are boring, brighten them up by decoupaging fabric on them. To see the rest of this closet organization project, visit Ask Anna Moseley.

Store Your Jewelry Front and Center

You have a beautiful collection of jewelry; why are hiding it in a box? This DIY jewelry organizer from Finding Home Farms brings color and interest to your closet while keeping things organized. The bonus is it makes deciding what to wear even easier because it is all at your fingertips. This particular organizer uses a vintage frame, but similar versions can be made in a style to match your own.

Put Accessories on Display

Scarves and belts can add a lot of color to closet storage. Instead of hiding accessories away, store them on hooks in a visible spot for easy access and fun visual interest.

Bring Your Clothes to Center Stage

When organizing kids' closets, set things up so kids can be as independent as possible when getting their clothes out each day. A simple DIY to create days-of-the-week outfit organizers from Uncommon Designs will bring colorful and bright outfits to the front of the line while keeping things extra organized. A busy week gets a little easier when you don't have to figure out your outfit each morning.

Color Code Hangers

Use a color coding system on clothes hangers for a pop of color and extra organization. Have each color stand for a season, a style, or an occassion. Paint unfinished wood hangers or use patterned tape to get the look. 

Make Your Clothes the Star

Using colorful bins or painting the walls is a great way to bring color into your closet. And why hide your beautiful and colorful clothing? Choose shelving and cabinetry that are neutral and have simple lines and make your clothing the star. Organize your clothes by like colors, or if you are really feeling bold, arrange them like a rainbow.

Make the Background Pop

Over the last few years, there has been a trend toward decorating the inside of closets. Don't be afraid to add a pop of color to the walls or even your shelving units. If you are really feeling bold, wallpapering a closet is a fun way to bring color and elegance to a space you spend time each and every day.

Hidden Color

Leave yourself a surprise inside closet drawers with colorful drawer dividers or jewelry storage trays. Contact paper in the bottom of the drawer can also add interest underneath larger items.

Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet

Start fresh with a decluttered closet. It'€™s easy with these smart organization ideas!

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