$332 Bedroom Closet

Restore order (and style) to your wardrobe with a new bedroom closet organization system and a repurposed piece of furniture.

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    Give your bedroom closet a makeover with a new organization system

    No matter how small your closet, a new organization system helps you get the most out of its square footage (and better wear out of your wardrobe). Keep like-things together by incorporating two hanging storage areas in your closet. Here, a 72-inch panel system ($77.99) separates dresses from skirts and slacks, stored on the 48-inch panel system ($59.99).

    Easy Track; easytrack.com

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    Add a shoe rack

    Do you kick your shoes into the huge pile at the bottom of your closet? A shoe rack ($47.99 for three shelves) keeps them in sight and in better shape.

    EasyTrack; easytrack.com

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    Add shelves for folded items

    To get the biggest bang for your closet makeover buck, consider mixing and matching storage pieces from different companies (just be sure to use the same color for a consistent look). Two stacked Itso modular units ($39.99 each) provide storage space for frequently worn sweaters, bed linens, and handbags.

    Target; target.com

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    Light up your closet with a new pendant

    Even closets with lighting overhead benefit from a darling pendant ($54). This Kenroy Home Martriell mini pendant provides task lighting above the lingerie chest.

    Kenroy Home; kenroyhome.com

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    Incorporate an existing piece of furniture into your closet design

    This lingerie chest got a new home in this closet, where it supplies storage for underwear, socks, and accessories. If your closet is large enough, consider including a chest or dresser for extra closed storage.

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