A more-functional closet is just a few steps away. Discover how you can preserve the life of your clothing with our five easy solutions.

It's true that it is sometimes easier to just toss clothes into the closet. But taking a few quick steps to protect them will keep your threads in good condition and prevent unwanted wrinkles. These clever hacks utilize random household items you already have lying around—tissue paper, old pillowcases, even pool noodles! We show you how to preserve the life of your wardrobe with easy updates you can do today.

1. Line Your Shelves

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Wire shelves are useful, but they can cause bumps and creases in folded clothes. Line them first with plastic or vinyl shelf liners, or cut posterboard to fit. It'll save you unnecessary time spent ironing.

2. No-Slide Hangers

teal wall shelf

Stop clothes made of slippery materials like silk from sliding off hangers with this quick storage trick. Place a small stick-on felt pad on either side of a  hanger to keep straps in place. You can find them at home improvement stores; they're meant to go on the bottom of chairs to prevent floor scratches.

3. Puff Up Purses

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Don't let large purses collapse into a crumpled ball! Stuff your bags with tissue paper when not in use for the season so they keep their shape in storage. The next time you pull them out, they'll look as good as new.

4. Stand Tall

boot storage, boots, rack

Frustrated with tall boots constantly flopping over when you put them away? Over time, allowing them to fold over can create unsightly dents in the leather. Here's a solution: Cut pool noodles to size and insert them in the shoes to keep them standing upright.

5. Garments on the Go


For a DIY garment bag in a jiffy, cut just a slit in the middle of the closed end of an old pillowcase. Slide it over a hanger, pulling the hook through the hole, and you're done!


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