7 Entryway Closets that Gather Everything You Need

Make the most of an entryway closet with our tips on how to turn it into an organizational powerhouse that holds everything your family needs.

closet desk

Don't have space for a home office? A doorless coat closet is the perfect spot for a streamlined office area. All you need is a computer, chair, and countertop to serve as a desk. Mounted shelves hold books, magazines, and other supplies.

Look Up


In a small space such as an entryway, vertical storage is key. This doorless closet-turned-cubby uses a storage shelf to keep shoes out of the way. Hooks mounted on a stylish wallpaper treatment are perfect for hanging backpacks, purses, and jackets. Extra storage built-in above the closet holds totes full of seasonal items, such as scarves and hats.

Amazing Entryways that Do it All

Basket Case


In a tiny dwelling, like a dorm room or apartment, spaces with more than one use are often necessary. This entryway closet, for example, doubles as an accessory station. Hidden behind a pristine white door lies everything you'd need to add a finishing touch to an outfit. Jewelry, scarves, shoes, perfume, and more are stocked in this stylish spot. Multiple baskets ensure that all of the items stay organized.

Walk On In

entry storage

In this entryway, a few tweaks turn a traditional coat closet into a storage-savvy space. Coat hooks are used in lieu of a bulky rod, and wall-mounted baskets keep smaller items, such as sunscreen and umbrellas, within reach. A row of baskets on the top shelf keep seasonal items out of the way, while floating shoe racks ensure everyone's footwear is off the floor. Pretty wallpaper and an easy-to-clean rug help the space stay stylish even when the door is open.

Smart Storage Ideas for Tiny Entryways

Shoe Stash

Mudroom storage

Cramming all of your miscellaneous items into a super-narrow closet won't work. Instead, pick one or two elements to focus on. In this case, a tiny closet gets turned into a spot for lots of shoes. Removing the door also removes extra bulk, and built-in shelves help to keep the space tidy. Put adult footwear on the top shelves, and reserve the bottom spots for kids and guests.

8 Essentials Every Entryway Needs

Double Doors

brown mudroom overall

A closet placed directly in front of your main door isn't a mistake. In fact, with the right mindset, an unusual layout can be both beautiful and functional. In this entryway, a large bookshelf skewed from the direct sight line holds entryway items. A window and colorful scarves capture the attention of guests as they walk through the door. A well-placed bench provides a spot to sit down and take off shoes.

Built Right In

white storage cubbies

Expand existing closet space with a built-in entryway organizer. These helpful units hold everything from coats to sports equipment. A padded bench makes it easy to put on shoes, while bountiful hooks hold jackets, bags, and leashes. Cubbies on both the top and bottom of the unit can be assigned to individual family members to ease any morning mix-ups.

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