Do This, Not That: Closet Storage

Gain extra space in your reach-in closet with these clever and efficient ideas for clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Do This: Match and Label

Do use high-quality matching hangers that create a seamless look and avoid leaving shoulder dents in your clothing. Wrap the neck of hangers with washi tape to help organize clothes. Use different colors for sleeveless, short-sleeve, and long-sleeve shirts, or simply distinguish hangers based on season.

Tiny Tweaks to Organize Your Closet

Not That: Leave Hangers Jumbled

Don't use wire hangers that can damage your clothes and don't use mismatched hangers. Items will be difficult to retreive with different shape hangers.

Do This: Accessorize Accessories

Do hang purses and other accessories from decorative hooks or cabinet knobs installed on the closet wall. Stagger the height of hooks or knobs to make room for longer accessories or other items stored below.

Not That: Hang Wherever

Don't hang bags from haphazard wire hangers or over the closet door. It isn't sturdy and may block access to other items.

Do This: Space-Out Shoes

Do install floating shelves that are wide enough for shoes and boots and leave extra space to accommodate new purchases. Slip quilted inserts into boots to keep them standing tall. You can store workout gear in a single basket in the newfound floor space.

Not That: Forget Footwear

Don't use too-small shoe racks. Shoes could fall off and end up in a pile on the floor; and you'll have no space for new shoes.

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Do This: Save Hanging Space

Do use baskets or bins to store out-of-season items on a top shelf. Use inserts, if needed, to organize small items. Attach labels to bins to reinforce your organization strategy. These tags are made by attaching washi tape to cardstock, then using a die-cut punch to produce a fun shape.

Not That: Keep Clutter

Don't let stacks of clothing get unmanageable. Allowing messy piles to stack-up will make it difficult to build outfits and do laundry.

5 Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet

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