10 Easy DIY Closet Organizer Ideas

There’s no need to blow your budget to keep your closet under control. Try these DIY closet organizers that benefit your wallet and your wardrobe.

It's easy to overdo it when shopping for home organization products, especially with new ones appearing on the market daily. While many can help streamline your clothing and maximize your closet storage, they can also add up quickly. More importantly, if you choose something that doesn't quite work for your space or your stuff, storage supplies can quickly turn into clutter and, as a result, a waste of hard-earned money.

Before running out to your nearest home store or placing an online order, consider repurposing or making organizers out of items you already own. Not only will it save you on a potentially unnecessary expense, but it's also eco-friendly. Check out the following DIY closet organizer ideas you can create on a dime.

industrial pipe used for hanging clothes
Jason Donnelly

1. Install a Wall-Mounted Rack

Create a mini garment rack without taking up any floor space by crafting together pipe fittings. A few elbow pieces, flanges, and steel piping come together to form this wall-mounted coat rack. Be sure to space it far enough away from the wall so you can comfortably fit hangers onto the rod. This is the perfect solution for an overstuffed closet. Use the rack to hang your favorite pieces or lay out your outfits for the upcoming days.

vanity in closet with hanging accessories
Marty Baldwin

2. Create a Gallery Wall

Adhesive hooks and decorative antique knobs work equally well for this DIY closet storage solution. You'll need an empty wall in or near your closet, plus accessories in need of a home. Decide exactly what you'd like to hang, whether hats, scarves, bags, or a combination, then space out the hooks accordingly. Once the hooks are adhered to the wall, arrange your things by owner and frequency of use, with the most-worn items at eye level.

plastic containers for jewelry organization
Jay Wilde

3. Give New Life to Old Containers

Losing the lids to plastic food storage containers is a common struggle. But next time they go missing, don't toss the container. Instead, place a few of them in a shallow drawer to sort your jewelry. Paint the rim with your favorite colors to categorize the contents further.

plastic hanging shelves for shoes
Marty Baldwin

4. Repurpose File Organizers

This DIY storage idea might be unconventional, but it will maximize every inch of closet space. Repurpose a set of vertical file folders and attach them to the inside of your closet door. Place a few pairs of your favorite flats or flip-flops inside for easy access as you're running out the door.

wicker basket with shoes
Adam Albright

5. Rethink a File Sorter

Have a desktop letter sorter on hand? Place one in a basket that's slightly larger to easily divide the container. Then place a few pairs of shoes into the compartments. The vertical dividers help keep shoes sorted and from getting squished. Be sure to take out the file sorter and shake the bin from time to time to prevent a pile-up of dirt.

close up of circular shoe storage
Kritsada Panichgul

6. Utilize PVC Pipes

Have some extra PVC piping from a recent home renovation project? Cut them to the length of the majority of your shoes and paint the plastic pipes a pretty color. Affix them in a stacked formation as high or wide as necessary and place the pyramid on the floor of your closet. Simply slide your shoes or slippers in and out with minimal effort.

close up of closet bar
Marty Baldwin

7. Upgrade a Rental Closet

Hangers don't always slide well on wire shelf closet systems. But if you're renting, or not in the position to renovate your closet, this storage hack can update it without making any permanent changes. Take a curtain or shower rod and suspend it from the wire shelf using snap-closure leather straps. Not only will this look good and help your clothes slide around, but it's also a snap to remove when it's time to move out.

closet with name dividers
Jay Wilde

8. Sort by Style

Big closets are a storage dream, but sometimes they make it hard to locate all of your belongings, especially if the lighting is less than ideal. Once you've organized your hanging clothes into categories, such as jackets, button-downs, and T-shirts, make finding and putting things away simpler by creating handmade divider labels. Search for downloadable label templates or create your own if you're crafty. Be sure to clearly mark where one section begins to make mornings a breeze.

organized closet space
Marty Baldwin

9. Plan Outfits in Advance

Planning a week of outfits on Sunday can significantly save time in your family's routine and perhaps let you sleep a bit more. Repurpose a hanging sweater cubby and iron on the first letter of each day of the week (or the whole word if there's space) within each cubby. Pack away outfits by the end of the weekend so you don't have to think about them again until Monday arrives.

Back of door storage shoes and sunglasses
Jay Wilde

10. Make a Mini To-Go Station

If you don't like your entryway items to be by the front door, you can quickly and easily create a drop zone in your bedroom. Grab an inexpensive towel bar and affix it to the side of your dresser or the back of a bedroom closet door. Use an S hook to hang a bucket for sunglasses, another for your set of keys, and a third for your everyday shoes so you can get ready in one place.

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