Bedroom Closet Organization

Bedroom Closet
Busy days begin on the right foot with an orderly bedroom closet. Use a smart layout and standout accessories to double closet space and ease into the morning routine.

Bedroom Closet Ideas

Dress a bedroom closet in sharp, smart style with multipurpose features. This customizable closet system elevates a basic closet, incorporating a mix of hanging rods, shelves, accessory bins, laundry baskets, and ironing supplies.

A Perfect Fit

Use simple design tricks to put every sliver of space to work in a small closet. For instance, position shelves just a bit taller than the shoes to maximize every inch of closet space.

Chalked Up

Hanging chalkboard tags organize the week's worth of attire effortlessly. Use chalk markers to avoid dust and residue.

Smartly Concealed

Frosted-glass doors offer a concealed spot to tuck a jewelry box, jar of mending supplies, and folded clothes.

That's a Wrap

A hearty felt bin placed on a high closet shelf offers portable storage for seasonal gift wrapping supplies. Use a blank gift tag and ribbon to label contents.

Start fresh with a decluttered closet. It'€™s easy with these smart organization ideas!

Easy Ways to Organize Your Closet

Restore order in your closet with these must-know storage and organization secrets.

Expandable Features

A retractable ironing board frees space in the laundry room and puts function right where it's needed.

Small-Space Strategy

Use the closet floor to squeeze in extra storage. Pullout laundry bins, labeled baskets, and ironing gear are easy to access and make the most of tiny nooks and crannies.

Clothing Valet

Streamline your get-ready routine with a clothing valet near the closet. An accessories tray corrals cuff links, jewelry, and pocket change.

Leave a Message

Dress up a blank sliver of wall with a magnetic message center. This simple stainless-steel board serves as a convenient place to hang invitations, reminders, and keys near the closet.


Handy Hooks

Keep keys, phones, and other pocket items from going through the wash with a handy hook rack. Before tossing clothes in the laundry hamper, make a habit of turning out pockets and placing items in a consistent, easy-to-access spot.

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