Redecorate Today (For Practically Free)

No money? No time? No problem. These decorating ideas are the quick fix you need to have your home looking like it came straight out of the pages of our magazine. With a little creativity and a few choice products (some you may already have), you'll be churning out Instagram-worthy moments in every room of your house.

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    Book It

    Use stacked books to create artsy display pedestals on any surface.

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    Have 10 Minutes?

    You can redecorate. Watch and see how!

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    Dial Up Drama

    Hang a large mirror above the fireplace for a dramatic look.

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    Group Setting

    Gather objects by color or shape; display together for impact. 

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    Sheet Swap

    Swap your linens. Combine pillow cases from one set with sheets from another.

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    Restyle Your Bed

    Change up a few throw pillows and you're on your way to a fresh bed. Watch and see how to shake up your look. 

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    Singular Sensation

    Create a bouquet by massing mini vases holding one rose or peony each.

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    It's Natural

    Bring in nature -- stones, shells, or pinecones -- to fill a pedestal bowl.

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    Tray Chic

    Use trays to display objects on a coffee table, gather gear on a nightstand, or corral cell phones and coins on an entry table.

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    Out of the Jewelry Box

    Display jewelry on a bedroom dresser in a way that's handy, yet personal.

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    Cast a New Light

    Change the shades on lamps. For a perfectly proportioned lamp, the shade should be:

    -- Approximately two-thirds the height of the lamp base.

    -- Deep enough so that a small portion of the neck (the fitting between the lamp and the socket) is visible.

    -- About one-and-a-half times the width of the lamp base.

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    Label Love

    Perk up storage with pretty labels. Purchase them or make them yourself with our free printable labels. 

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    Roll Out the Red Carpet

    Or blue. Or green. Or multicolor, for that matter. Unroll a bold runner to add color and pattern to your kitchen floor. (Use a rug pad to keep the runner in place in this high-traffic area.)

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    Like-New Sofa

    Toss a throw over the back of a chair or sofa for a color lift. 

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    Mirror, Mirror

    Hang a mirror on a wall opposite windows to maximize natural light.

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    Play with Texture

    Reconsider texture pairings -- rattan with silver, stone with crystal, or silk with burlap.

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    Back It Up

    Revamp a bookcase by painting the back inside wall or lining it with paper. 

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    Leafy Greens

    Add height and drama by cutting a tall sapling and "planting" it in a weighted container. 

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    Wake Up Fresh

    For a little pick-me-up, place a small arrangement of fresh flowers on your nightstand.

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    Fill It Up

    Even a small bare spot, such as a wall nook, is a candidate for a pretty wall art arrangement. Group a collection of like items (here, blue transferware) in a gallerylike arrangement.

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    Kidding Around

    Enlarge a child's drawing and frame it for display.

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