Make It Look Like You Splurged

In a house brimming with high-end style and charm you would never guess that a thrifty and practical homeowner was responsible for the transformation. By testing out durable pieces and being frugal, the homeowner completely customized her home without breaking the bank.

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    Budget Secrets and Strategies

    This 1930s Tudor-style cottage proves that glamorous style doesn't always cost an arm and a leg. The smart homeowner, a designer, created a space that's big on style and durability, but easy on the wallet.

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    Exhaust Your Resources

    The homeowner researches her options and scours the internet for deals before buying big ticket items. The acrylic coffee table normally would've cost a fortune but was found for far less on eBay. Instead of buying new, a pair of hand-me-down chairs were reupholstered with modern, graphic fabric that ties in to the home's classic yet contemporary style.

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    DIY Dining Chair Makeover

    Instead of completely reupholstering dining room chairs, the homeowner spruced them up with nailhead trim. This solution is far less expensive than upholstery and is also a simple DIY project. Rather than buying an area rug for the dining space, the homeowner decided to leave floors bare since she knew an expensive rug wouldn't work with her two small boys who have a tendency to spill.

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    Create Juxtaposition

    Pale gray cabinetry paired with white walls gives just enough definition to this kitchen to keep it looking modern and clean. Dark, hardwood floors bring warmth to the space as a striped rug brings in color and subtle pattern. Combining a vintage-looking faucet and farmhouse sink with contemporary elements such as stainless-steel appliances and hardware give the kitchen a unique juxtaposition.

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    Form and Function

    On the opposite side of the kitchen, a wall of cabinetry feels lighter thanks to several mirror-front cabinets. A built-in refrigerator looks sleek and breaks up the continuous cabinetry. The built-in cabinets add plenty of storage to the small home.

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    Refurnish Old Pieces

    In the craft room, the granite top on an inherited buffet was just so-so. To solve the problem, the homeowner swapped the granite for marble that she had left over from her kitchen renovation.

    With just a bit of creativity and some handiwork, bargain pieces can end up looking dramatically different. Here, vintage bamboo chairs were painted glossy white to give them an up-to-date feel that looks fresh and clean.

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    Custom Creation

    In this playroom, a sectional was necessary, but space was limited. With, the homeowner created a custom sectional at a far lower price than many retail options. Gray-and-white striped walls, children's artwork, and bright pops of color lend an appropriately youthful vibe to the playroom.

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    Improvise for Privacy

    In this master bedroom, the only place the bed would fit was next to the windows. To solve the privacy problem, the homeowner hung lined curtains and planted tall shrubs right outside the windows. A patterned throw blanket and matching pillows dress up the neutral bedding. Solid beige bedding was not the homeowner's first choice, but since she already had it she decided to use the bedding to her advantage. Layering in a patterned throw and shams gives the basic bedding a leg up. Other items, such as the oversize light fixture and antique nightstands also add character.

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    Add Whimsy

    This childrens' bedroom has timeless elements, such as white bedding and a Parsons nightstand, mixed with whimsical pieces such as an elephant basket and bold, patterned throw pillows. White walls allow for small bursts of color to go a long way.

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    Bathroom Bliss

    Fanciful fish in bright colors adorn the walls of this shared bathroom. The wallpaper brings life to an otherwise all-white bathroom. Twin sinks and tons of storage ensure the bathroom can be shared in peace.

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    Incorporate Antiques

    An antique bed and chair blend in perfectly with a graphic rug, plain white bedding, and pale blue walls. With such a dark, sculptural bed, the room could've felt quite stuffy, but with the addition of the modern rug and bright colors, the space feels like a one-of-a-kind creation.

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