13 Creative Ways to Decorate with Maps

Bring the world to your doorstep with our top ideas for decorating with maps. Each inexpensive and impressive design features a fresh way to use paper maps, including in furniture, artwork, and accessories.

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    Worldly Window Treatment

    Rack up style points with map-adorned roller shades. Made from a vintage map of Australia, this creative window treatment not only blocks sunlight, but also serves as custom artwork when pulled down. To assemble, fuse the map to linen, then staple it to the roller of a store-bought shade.

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    Artistic Accent Wall

    A map-covered accent wall has the ability to transform an ordinary kid room or office into something extraordinary. Featured above wainscoting, these muted maritime maps showcase bright accessories while sticking with the room's vintage vibe. Apply the maps much like you would wallpaper, with wallpaper paste.

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    Statement Showpiece

    For serious statement art, look to oversize maps in bright hues. Black glass frames make the flea market find pop; double the look for an above-the-sofa masterpiece.

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    DIY Wall Art

    Give in to wanderlust, and treat your home to some travel TLC with retro-inspired map art. To create this easy do-it-yourself decor, cut a map to standard printer paper size -- 8½×11 inches -- then print with vacation-inspired sentiments and scenes. Affix the map to an art canvas with spray adhesive then with a coat of decoupage.

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    Hang Artwork with Ease

    Finished creating your stylish map wall art? Learn how to hang it with our simple tips.

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    Decorative Drawer Fronts

    Add interest to an entry table or children's dresser with this simple solution for flea market maps. To create the inexpensive update, trace the shapes of drawers onto an old map. Cut out the pieces and apply matte decoupage to the back. After adhering, let it dry before applying a decoupage seal. For a funky finish, outfit the drawers with colorful pulls.

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    One-of-a-Kind Backsplash

    Invoke the essence of Paris, or your favorite destination, in your cookspace with a dramatic map backsplash. Adhered with wallpaper paste and covered with polyurethane, this sepia-tone graphic adds signature style. The beautiful map backsplash serves as a focal point while protecting against splatters.

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    Privacy with a Punch

    Grab the scissors and add a little zip to your room with this quick paper project. Back the panes of a French door with pieces cut from bargain maps and hold in place with double-stick tape or glazier points. The window covers let you see the world from the comfort of your home while providing added privacy.

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    Atlas Assets

    Colorful maps transform a typical wooden headboard into an interesting art object that's brimming with travel possibilities. Gather dated maps and decoupage them onto the furniture piece. For curves and small details, cut miniature map sections. 

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    Wooden Work of Art

    In a bright, colorful room, this modern twist on an old-school style United States map stands out. The neutral but eye-catching art piece gets its start as cherry plywood. A map decal and contrasting stain create the striking appearance that can be updated with tacks, stickers, or paint to mark your travels.

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    Coastal Coasters

    Take a trip down memory lane with travel-inspired coasters. Decoupage paper maps of your favorite vacation spots onto square tiles for cool coasters with sentiment. Back with felt to keep surfaces scratch-free.

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    Art with Smarts

    Get schooled in map wall art with a design that isn't strictly for style. An oversize map does double-duty as a kid-friendly educational tool and stylish centerpiece when incorporated into a home office. Mounted onto hardboard then framed in pine with a chalkboard panel, the map welcomes teachable moments.

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    No-Sew Map Pillows

    Dig out those old road maps and give them a new destination with plush transfer pillows. Simply scan an image from an atlas or map, make a mirror of the image on your computer, then print it onto transfer paper. Iron the map onto light linen fabric before peeling away the transfer to reveal your pretty image. Keep the craft simple by swapping a sewing needle for heat-set tape to attach the map to a decorative pillow.

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    Center of Attention

    Go global in your room by hanging a framed map in front of a window. Not only will the rule-breaking placement bring backlighting to the piece of art, it will also project confidence into your home design.

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