16 Ideas for Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors add style, visually expand small spaces, and brighten even the tightest quarters.

Mirror gallery wall

Nicolas Gourguechon

Decorating with mirrors is a functional way to rejuvenate the feel of a room. While it might seem like a straightforward concept, there is so much more to this decor item than simply hanging a mirror where you can check your outfit for the day. Hanging mirrors in just the right spot can completely transform a space in your home, making it feel bigger and brighter.

While mirrors are hung for practical use, you can also make a statement with a decorative design or layer mirrors with artwork. Looking for a place to begin when it comes to decorating with mirrors? Follow our pointers below to get a look that reflects your personality.

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Consider an Entryway Mirror

entryway mirror

Annie Schlechter

The entryway of a home is the perfect location to hang a beautiful statement mirror. It is one of the first things guests see when they enter your home and one of the last things they'll see as they leave. An entryway mirror serves as decor but doubles as a last-minute appearance check before you run out the door to start your busy day.

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Open Up a Dark or Small Space

mirror in dark bathroom

Kim Cornelison

Adding a mirror is an easy way to brighten up a dark or small room. Although this bathroom is decked in dark floor-to-ceiling tile, light bounces off the mirror to keep the room from feeling cavernous. Hang your mirror near a window for better light to visually enlarge a small space.

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Update an Old Mirror

black framed mirror

Jay Wilde

Mirrors can get pricey; save money by updating your current mirror with a coat of fresh paint. Both metal and wood frames are easy to repaint. If you're painting over stained wood, be sure to sand it and use a stain-blocking primer before you paint. Next, cover the glass surface using newspaper and painters tape. Choose a color that goes well with your decor, and voila! Just like new.

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Maximize a Mantel

mantel mirror

Marty Baldwin

Mirrors work well as a base for a layered mantel display. Select a large mirror with a simple black or white frame if you want it to recede into the background. Opt for a more ornate frame design or color to make the mirror pop within the display. Accessorize the mantel with art and other decor items for a rich, layered look. This approach is great if you like to switch up your room decor frequently. You can easily swap out art (without damaging your walls) and update colors at a moment's notice.

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Add Layers

blue dresser in entryway with mirror

Carson Downing

Don't be afraid to layer accessories with your mirror. Mirrors aren't just for their functionality. Place art, plants, vases, or other accessories in front of the mirror to create eye-catching depth. The black frame on this arched mirror creates cohesion between the black table lamp, abstract art, and coat rack in this entryway.

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Add a Floor Mirror

floor mirror

Jay Wilde

Floor mirrors aren't just for walk-in closets; these large-scale mirrors work in practically every room in the house. Adding a floor mirror makes a space feel bigger and brighter, whether you decide to hang it or lean it against the wall at an angle. Plus, it helps you pull together a complete outfit. When tucked in a corner, a classic floor-length mirror enhances a room's natural light to create a well-lit reading nook.

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Hang a Statement Mirror

statement mirror

Nicolas Gourguechon

Add a statement mirror to any room to liven up the space. Look for anything with distinct color, texture, or shape. You can also update a mirror with a fresh coat of paint if needed. Clad in raffia, this mirror contrasts nicely against the navy blue wall making for an eye-catching accent. To make this DIY mirror, cut strips of raffia to size, gather them in bunches, and attach them under a wire floral hoop.

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Experiment with Mirrored Accessories

mirrored nightstand

Nicolas Gourguechon

Incorporate mirrors into other areas besides walls. Create a new look by adding mirrored detailing to a kitchen backsplash or update a bathroom countertop by incorporating a mirrored tray. Even a floating nightstand with a mirrored shelf can add a hint of glamour to a bedroom.

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Check the Reflection

teal and gold mirror

Karyn Millet

Before hanging your mirror, double-check what you'll see in the reflection. While mirrors are great for creating the illusion of more space and bigger rooms, they can also expose a cluttered corner. Before hanging a mirror, have a friend hold it up while you step back and check the reflection.

Beautify the reflection by hanging the mirror on a wall opposite to one that displays a piece of art or bold wallpaper. Or place a mirror on a wall that runs parallel to a window that showcases a beautiful view.

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Update a Vanity Mirror

modern rustic powder room with wallpaper

Stacey Brandford

When was the last time you took a good once-over at your vanity mirror? Considering you use it daily, you might be stuck in a routine of looking in the mirror but not at it. Don't settle for the vanity mirror your house came with; upgrade it for a fresh look. A new frame or coat of paint is an easy way to update your vanity mirror. Or swap a large-scale design for two individual mirrors hung above a vanity with double sinks.

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Invest in a Custom Mirror

entryway with mirror doors and cushion bench storage
Kim Cornelison

Adding a mirror to an entire wall or within cabinet panels can help a room feel twice its size. However, a custom design is a must to get the perfect fit for a space with a unique shape. Look for contractors and glass shops that specialize in custom-cut mirrors to get a design that suits your dimensions.

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Nod to Your Locale

tropical mirror

Julie Soefer

Pay homage to your home's setting with decor that reflects where you are in the world. This oasis features a coastal-style framed mirror complemented by seaside decor. You could achieve the same effect in different parts of the country with materials that reflect your surroundings. In a rural area, you could select a weathered barnwood mirror. In an urban loft, you might opt for an industrial metal-framed mirror. Or go with the style that speaks to you!

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Use Antique Treasures

antique mirror

Dominique Vorillion

Instead of shopping new, scout your local thrift stores and antique shops for secondhand mirrors with pretty patina. In this charming bathroom, a rustic antique mirror hangs above a trough sink complete with unsealed brass fixtures. This salvaged mirror proves that imperfections can be beautiful.

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Arrange a Mirror Gallery Wall

Mirror gallery wall

Nicolas Gourguechon

Create a museum-worthy gallery wall with an array of mirrors of different shapes and sizes. To add a mirror to a flea market find, like a handled serving tray, cutting board, or round cake pan, wipe the surface clean then run a bead of adhesive around the back edge of a crafts store mirror and secure. Allow the adhesive to dry before hanging.

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Hang in Front of Windows

mirror on windows

Julie Soefer

Limited wall space in your bathroom? Hang a mirror either on the trim between windows or from the ceiling. This Art Deco mirror mimics the shape of the brass hardware found on the walnut vanity. Picture all the natural light hitting your face for the perfect makeup application in this Hollywood glamour-inspired bathroom.

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Go Minimalist with Frameless Mirrors

frameless mirrors

Werner Straube

Less is more when it comes to frameless mirrors. This bathroom shows the clean, sharp look of ditching the frame and sticking with the natural edges of a beveled mirror. Plus, frameless mirrors blend well with almost every interior design style.

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