How to Decorate a Flocked Christmas Tree

Add some flair to your snow-dusted Christmas tree with these festive holiday ideas.

christmas tree white ornaments chandelier
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Guarantee the magic of a white Christmas with a flocked Christmas tree. Typically dusted in faux snow or white glitter, a flocked Christmas tree looks as if it has just been carried inside out of freshly fallen snow. The white-tipped needles leave a frosty canvas ready to be dressed up with your favorite Christmas ornaments.  

There’s no one best way to decorate a flocked Christmas tree. Ultimately, it comes down to personal taste and the style of the room. For example, you might decide to keep it simple with a few fairy lights and pinecones for a natural winter wonderland effect or bring a touch of glamour to your tree with a silver and gold theme. Think about the feelings you want your tree to evoke and choose your colors accordingly; warm tones like red and gold create a cozy, welcoming glow, whereas cool colors like silver, blue, and green will feel fresh and frosty. Read on for festive inspiration on decorating a flocked Christmas tree.

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Match a Flocked Tree to the Room

green silver and gold christmas tree decor
Adam Albright

If you’re unsure which color to dress your flocked Christmas tree in, turn to your interior for inspiration. Emerald green ornaments accent the white needles in the same way the velvet emerald accent chairs punctuate this neutral living room. Gold and silver ornaments further embellish the flocked Christmas tree, just like the room's gold side table and other metallic accessories. The result is an elegant, sophisticated, and cohesive look.

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Keep It Traditional with Christmas Reds

artificial tree ski ornaments porcelain reindeer
Adam Albright

Conjuring images of Santa and his little helpers or seasonal holly and poinsettias, red Christmas ornaments evoke warm festive cheer. Red ornaments and ribbons look even better on flocked Christmas trees because the rosy shade stands out against the snowy white branches. Glittery branches, red berry foliage, and red robins evoke a wintery forest setting, and the addition of wooden ski ornaments creates a chic chalet touch.

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Give Classic Red and Green a Contemporary Spin

white christmas tree gifts sofa
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Red and green have long been synonymous with Christmas and the winter season. Swap forest-green ornaments for frosty mint green ones for a cooler, more contemporary take on a Christmas classic. Replace the usual beaded garland with a white feather alternative to create an additional snowy effect and make red ornaments pop. Finish the look by wrapping your presents in coordinating paper.

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Decorate a Flocked Farmhouse Christmas Tree

farmhouse-style christmas living room
Jeff Herr

If you’re looking for a way to match your flocked Christmas tree to your farmhouse-style decor, look no further. The key is to keep it simple and steer clear of the oh-so-tempting glittery ornaments. This tree is the definition of farmhouse fresh with decorations restricted to big rustic bells, cream-color baubles, berry foliage, and a loosely wrapped ribbon garland. Replace the usual golden star with a twig alternative, and drape bits of straw over the tree for a final farmhouse touch.

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Showcase a Plain Flocked Christmas Tree

small Christmas tree with beaded base
Adam Albright

The snow effect of flocked Christmas trees can be so pretty it might not need any decor at all. Simply enjoy the just-plucked-out-of-the-Alps look. The natural feel of an undecorated tree suits an organic, neutral scheme and adds a subtle festive touch. Drape the tree in Christmas lights to make it sparkle at night. If you have a small flocked Christmas tree, display it on a sideboard or add it to a basket for an elevated look.

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Use Metallic Christmas Ornaments

christmas tree white ornaments chandelier
Adam Albright

Gold, silver, and copper Christmas ornaments are a recipe for a dazzling and glamorous tree. Create visual interest by varying the ornaments' sizes, shapes, and textures. Start with the large ornaments, spacing them evenly around the tree. Then, fill in the gaps with medium and small ornaments. Add a hint of color with an accent hue, like the splashes of blue that dress this metallic-theme tree. Limit them to small decorations and distribute them sparsely but evenly around the tree. Finish the look with a striking tree topper.

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Add Colorful Christmas Ornaments

artificial tree flocked ornaments cones
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Flocked Christmas trees provide the perfect snowy white canvas for bright colors. Mix and match different shapes and sizes of ornaments and combine muted pastel shades with bright saturated hues for a playful, whimsical look. However you decide to decorate it, stay true to your style, get creative, and dress your tree with bright colors that complement your existing decor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are flocked Christmas trees messy?

    When done by a professional, the flocking on a flocked tree is sealed to minimize the amount of debris or dust the tree will drop. However, it may be a bit messier if you DIY the flocking on your tree. Follow all steps for flocking a tree closely, including using the right flocking spray and not overdoing it.

  • How long do flocked trees last?

    Live flocked trees last two to four weeks. Artificial flocked trees last for years.

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