From yard tools and sporting equipment to the random items you just can't seem to get rid of, the garage tends to be a catchall for our storage needs. This season, show your garage who's boss and keep things neat and organized with these storage solutions.

By Shelby Van Slooten

The biggest struggle with garage storage is the lack of floor space. Take advantage of underused space with these ceiling storage racks! We love these shelves for storing seasonal items that get tucked away for months at a time.

Ceiling Storage Rack

Price: $179.40

Stackable Solutions

Speaking of floor space, why park your bikes side by side when they can easily fit one on top of the other? This sleek bike rack effortlessly leans against the wall and can adjust to accommodate bike style.

Gravity Bike Rack

Price: $35.99

Ready for Anything

Garage storage should be strong and durable. That's why this cabinet is made with heavy-duty resin. Without even the possibility of dents or rust, this serious solution is ready for whatever gets thrown in it. 

Wall Storage Cabinet

Price: $76.36

Calling All Landscapers!

If you find yourself with an abundance of garden and yard tools, this one's for you. Perfect for long-handled tools, this sturdy storage unit even comes on wheels for easy portability. Bonus: It's wall-friendly and S-Hook-compatible!

Deluxe Tool Tower

Price: $49.99

Organize It All

Pool toys? Sports equipment? No matter what you're using it for, this triple storage bin is the perfect pick to sort and store.

Triple Storage Bin

Price: $49

Think Big for Tiny Tools

As the center for all your big DIY projects, your garage will naturally be filled with tiny tools. Keep all those random knickknacks in one place with this storage chest!

12-Drawer Storage Chest

Price: $139

Helpful Holder

There's no need to have an untidy garage! Keep paper towels on hand while adding extra storage space with this shelf. Holding up to 25 pounds, it can be equipped with all the cleaning supplies you ever need.

Paper Towel Holder Shelf

Price: $26


Maximize both storage and work space with this hardworking desk area. It's ready for all your DIY projects, and maybe all of the added space will lead to some extra inspiration!

Storage Work Desk

Price: $199



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