Culinarycore Is the Decorating Trend Tailor-Made for Foodies

Calling all cooks! Culinarycore is about to become your favorite home design trend. Find out why—and how to invite the mouthwatering style into your space.

brightly decorated bedroom with abstract painted wall

Carson Downing

If you’ve tried on the “slipper” of coastal cowgirl, mermaidcore, grandmillenial, and barbiecore, and noticed that none of these trending approaches to decor fit, no need to make like a stepsister and force your foot into one of these style trends. We predict that a shoe that will surely fit as perfectly as Cinderella’s pumps is just around the corner: We’re about to enter the era of culinarycore—and, ahead, we’ll explain how to make this home design trend all your own.

What Is Culinarycore?

Unlike style trends like the natural-hued coastal cowgirl and pretty-in-pink barbiecore that tend to stick to a more set scheme of color rules and accessories, the magic of culinarycore lies in its customizability and creativity. While this has yet to become a big thing, we think it might just be the style du jour for late 2023 and beyond.

When we attended Cherry Bombe Jubilee in April 2023, our ears perked up when cookbook author and food personality Molly Baz referenced the fact that her home reminds her of her favorite foods. Case in point: the butter yellow kitchen (Benjamin Moore’s Good Vibrations), the Caesar salad bathroom (aka “cae sal,” the cookbook author’s term of endearment for her signature dish), and the prosciutto powder room. 

“I synthesize most things through food. That’s my love language,” Baz told Domino in September 2022. Her husband, Ben Willett, tapped into his talents as a creative director and spatial designer to bring his partner’s food dreams to life throughout their domestic digs.

We were reminded of Baz’s clever food fashion by her new-for-summer-2023 Crate & Barrel collection. In case you missed it, the colorful plates, bowls, serviceware, and kitchen accessories include butter yellow bowls and egg yolk yellow mugs to keep the food-inspired theme going.

We often look to interior designers, colors of the year, and our editorial trendspotters to help us hone in on what’s new and next, but now we’ve turned over a new leaf. (Or perhaps we should say that we’ve turned over a new lid?) Before Baz, we had never thought of using beloved dishes as the inspiration for home design. But as huge fans of all things food, home, and garden (the name is very apt!), culinarycore was love at first bite.

purple wall with gray couch and white rug

Adam Albright

How to Try Culinarycore

The brilliance of this home trend is that it offers a nearly endless array of customization options. Select any food or drink, then use that item as your visionary starting point. It could be the color, the shape, or even an icon that is a more direct reference, like these eyecatching bread lamps from PAMPSHADE by Yukiki Morita.

Integrate a dose of culinary symbolism a little—via a pillow or lamp—or a lot—say, in an accent wall or the entire room, including walls and furniture. Voila, you’ve aced culinarycore.

Take a tour through these rooms for an amuse bouche of how to make this home design trend yours.

DIY headboard circular cutouts

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

The cool blue-green of this bedroom matches that of the classic ice cream flavor. A scattering of dots are reminiscent of the chocolate chips mixed into any good scoop of mint chocolate chip, and the soft wood tones on the bed and nightstand carry a distinct cone-inspired hue.

pink and white bathroom
Annie Schlechter


The soft pastel tones of macarons are almost as good as the flavor (almost). In this bathroom, soft pinks are comparable to the shades of the sweets in any display case, while the eye-grabbing round mirrors mimic the form of the macaron.

brightly decorated bedroom with abstract painted wall

Carson Downing

Creamy Tomato Pasta

The playful shape of a long noodle is the perfect contrast to a lot of square silhouettes. Here, the wall design is like a good spaghetti alla vodka, with spots of green for herby contrast and linen bedding similar in make to that of your favorite rustic napkin.

kitchen with green cabinets and wooden beams
Laura Moss

Avocado Toast

Have we had enough of avocado toast? Never. In this kitchen, browns and plenty of avocado green surfaces call to mind the basic ingredients of any good avo toast.

room corner with bright orange two-toned paint and papasan chair
Michael Garland


The pop of creamsicle-chic orange in this nook is the perfect way to celebrate your love of the classic frozen treat without going full Atomic Age. The genius of this little corner can be adapted for any richly colored food, whether that’s grapes, mangoes, red wine, or something else.

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