This Powerful Air Purifier Can Cover Up to 500 Square Feet—and It’s 63% Ahead of Cyber Monday

Grab it while it’s $74.

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Air Purifier for Countertop/Medium Room by Cuisinart


Living in the city, I rely on an air purifier for peace of mind. Having previously lived in the countryside and by the ocean, urban living invited new concerns of pollution and germs. As an asthmatic, my lungs are generally sensitive, and my skin was suddenly breaking out nonstop. I huffed and puffed (literally) over whether or not to buy an air purifier, dissuaded by the price and uncertain necessity. Plenty of people lived and breathed in the same air as me with no problem. Still, when I finally bought the appliance, my quality of life surely and subtly increased—and I was immensely grateful.

Today, as part of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales weekend, hundreds of retailers have prices slashed across thousands of categories. While we use the sale opportunity to stock up on gifts for friends, relatives, and loved ones, the immense savings also yield the perfect opportunity to upgrade certain functional items, like the air purifier that might positively impact our well-being, without causing undue stress to our bank accounts. Case in point: the Cuisinart Purxium H13 HEPA Medium Room Air Purifier is on sale for a whopping 63% off this weekend only.

You may be familiar with Cuisinart for the brand’s ubiquitously pleasing kitchen goods—like its ever-popular air fryer, my go-to choice for making dinner. Its air purifier line is equally impressive, with packed features and a user-friendly interface that will win over both those new to the air purifier space and those looking to upgrade their existing model. 

Air Purifier for Countertop/Medium Room by Cuisinart


Buy It: Cuisinart Purxium H13 HEPA Medium Room Air Purifier, $76 (was $200), Amazon

The device itself is four-sided for 360 degree cleaning ability, and freestanding so you don’t have to install it anywhere. The package includes four HEPA ("high efficiency particulate air” filters which remove up to 99.99% of particulates—dust, pollen, bacteria, you name it—by circling rooms up to  500 square feet twice every hour. For those new to air purifier technology, this means that the appliance essentially sucks up the contaminated air and recirculates fresh, breathable air for you in a constant loop. Features like illuminated touchscreen controls, a filter replacement indicator, 12-hour timer, and a child safety lock make it especially user friendly. It can also serve as a nightlight with its sleep mode capability. 

Shoppers praise its simplicity, noting that it avoids the app-connected tech that can complicate other machines. One reviewer noted that they appreciated how easy it was to use. For that reason, the device would be an especially great choice for seniors who want the benefits of air purification without the hassle of bells and whistles. Another reviewer lauded its soundless operation (although it has three fan settings so you can crank up the volume if you’d like the white noise accompaniment.) “This Purxium is so quiet I have to check to make sure that it is on. I may purchase a second unit for [my] bedroom.”

At its 63% discount, that second unit looks pretty appealing. Act now to buy the Cuisinart Purxium H13 HEPA Medium Room Air Purifier at a reduced price as part of the limited time only Black Friday sale at Amazon. This price will be gone soon enough, but your fresh air will make a difference to you for a long time.

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