Candle Centerpieces for Weddings

Create a sparkling centerpiece with candles and flowers.

You can use candles to create a dramatic centerpiece. A magnificent pillar candle encircled by a wreath of full-blown roses and tender rosebuds makes a stunning decoration for a table or buffet. Or place a silver bowl atop a candelabra to create a faux epergne that holds white roses and candles.

Rose-Wreathed Pillar Candle

Candles, candles, and more candles--they light the darkness with a warmth that banishes reality and invites the mind to meander through the realm of dreams. Although candles throw a magical light on any occasion, they are especially fitting for weddings. Each candle on the table creates a more romantic ambience, and the overall effect is enchanting.

Embellished Candles

Silver candlesticks with white candles cast the most light around the table. Beaded and beribboned, these candles seem to be wearing their best wedding garb. As day ends and the gentle night falls, their tiny flames flicker like signals from a hundred fireflies searching for their soul mates.

Choose candles in a variety of sizes or shapes for the most impressive effect. Use all-white candles and place them in various styles of candlesticks made from the same material (in this case, silver) for a more unified appearance.

Floating candles are another way to add drama to a table. Consider small containers like this hear-shaped bowl. Or, go with wide glass bowls filled with colored water. Float a few blooms in the water for more romance.

As always, make sure that candles are placed well away from flammable materials and that no candle is left unattended. When outdoor breezes are a factor, it's best to enclose candles in glass hurricane lamps for safety.


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