Backyard Wedding Reception Menu

A festive array of easy recipes served at room temperature is perfect for a casually elegant backyard wedding reception.

Whether this is an afternoon affair or a dinner celebration, this simple-to-make room temperature menu works flawlessly.

  • Italian-Style Deviled Eggs
  • Fontina & Melon Salad
  • Sandwich Salad Sampler
  • Mushroom-Filled Phyllo Logs

Italian-Style Deviled Eggs

Olives, capers, radishes, and anchovy add exceptional flavor to the egg filling. Chilling just-cooked eggs makes them easier to peel.

View Italian-Style Deviled Eggs recipe

Fontina & Melon Salad

Pasta salads hold beautifully for a wedding reception. Cheese, melon, and fresh mint create intriguing flavors that complement the rest of the menu.

View Fontina & Melon Salad recipe

Sandwich Salad Sampler

The beauty of this recipe comes from presenting a variety of fresh, flavorful ingredients so guests can assemble their own entree, whether it be a salad or an open-face sandwich.

View Sandwich Salad Sampler recipe

Mushroom-Filled Phyllo Logs

Your guests will savor these elegant appetizers filled with mushroom and onions. Bread crumbs sprinkled on the phyllo sheets help keep the logs crisp.

View Mushroom-Filled Phyllo Logs recipe


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