Porcelain Nosegay Wedding Favors

Make wedding favors out of bouquets of dainty porcelain flowers wrapped in pretty pastel papers.

What You Need:

Share these beautiful nosegays with your guests.
  • Miniature porcelain flowers (the flowers are sold in bunches of six to eight of a single color; you will need a total of 14 flowers in assorted colors for each bouquet)
  • Mulberry paper in the color(s) of your choice
  • Green florist's tape
  • Rotary cutter and self-healing cutting board
  • 2-1/2-inch-wide bias-cut ribbon
  • Printed vellum and deckle-edge scissors
  • Gelly Roll permanent metallic-ink pen in the color of your choice
  • White thread or white 5mm sheer ribbon
  • Size 3 ribbon-embroidery needle


  1. Disassemble the bunches of porcelain flowers and combine assorted colors of flowers into bouquets of 14 flowers each. Wrap the stems together with florist's tape.
  2. Using a rotary cutter, cut the bias-cut ribbon into pieces that are 18 inches long (one piece for each nosegay).
  3. Cut the vellum paper into 1-1/2-inch squares and cut the edges using deckle-edge scissors. Rotate the squares, and write the couple's names or your message in the center of the paper using a metallic-ink pen.
  4. Stitch a 3- to 4-inch-long piece of white thread or ribbon through the top corner of the vellum, and leave the ends untied.

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