The 7 Best Slow Cooker Hacks You Need to See

Besides delicious simmering and soups and other recipes, your slow cooker is also a master when it comes to home hacks and DIYs.
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It's no secret that your slow cooker is one of the most versatile tools in your kitchen. You can make professional chef-level dishes, two different dips at the same time, and even dog food in your beloved slow cooker. But, you likely don't know about the other things you can do with this appliance that doesn't involve your kitchen. Here are 7 surprising crafts, hacks, and DIYs you didn't know your slow cooker could whip up in no time:

1. Make Several Candles at Once

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There are so many ways to make candles that smell like pure bliss, but this is hands-down one of the easiest ways to make several candles at once. What's best? You don't have to mess with a double boiler! Using a slow cooker also saves you from getting melted candle wax everywhere. Hello Glow teaches you step-by-step how to make non-toxic wax candles using your favorite essential oils. You can even use the leftover wax from your old candles instead of tossing them.

2. DIY "Play-Doh" in 30 Minutes

Repeat Crafter Me

Winter can leave parents with few options when it comes to keeping kids active and entertained -- especially if brutally cold temperatures keep you cooped up inside! Enter the slow cooker: This DIY modeling clay made in your slow cooker is practically the same thing you would find in a jar of Play-Doh. And making it yourself provides hours of fun and engaged playtime with your kids. Repeat Crafter Me shows you how you can make your own modeling clay in whatever color you just 30 minutes!

3. Slow Cooker for Clear Sinuses & Humid Air

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Dry winter months can suck all the moisture out of your sinuses and it's especially awful if you're battling a cold. We showed you how easy it is to clear your sinuses in the shower and now you can truly feel refreshed by adding this humidifier hack to your routine. Just fill your slow cooker with water, turn it onto the high setting, and let the steam infuse any room in your home. Drop in some Vicks VapoRub or peppermint oil to really breathe better. Get the full instructions from One Good Thing by Jillee.

4. Refresh Your Entire House with Homemade Potpourri

Two Purple Couches

Giving your home a fresh signature scent isn't a new concept. In fact, it takes me back to my childhood when my mom would set up bowls of potpourri around the house. But if you're not keen on the idea of spending money on dried flowers you'll eventually throw away, slow cooker potpourri is an inexpensive, easy way to fill your entire house with whatever scent you choose. Just pour enough water in your slow cooker so that it covers your chosen ingredients, and let it simmer on low. Two Purple Couches has some amazing scent combinations such as lime, mint, and ginger. You can store the mixture in a Mason jar! Keep it for yourself or give it away as an awesome, personalized gift. Get the full how-to from Two Purple Couches.

5. Strip Old Paint from Metal Hardware With Your Slow Cooker

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If you have some old metal hardware that's in dire need of a makeover, then this slow cooker hack is for you! The stripping and cleaning process is made incredibly easy and inexpensive thanks to your slow cooker. This trick will work on anything from old hinges to door and drawer knobs. 4 Men 1 Lady used this hack on four casters from an old dresser. With just one pump of dish soap and some water, the old paint was practically falling off. Caution: Wear gloves and other protective garments, such as a mask, as some paint may contain lead and other toxic chemicals. Get the full tutorial here.

6. Recycle Broken Crayons into Fresh Art Supplies

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Instead of tossing out the broken crayons you always find at the bottom of your art supply boxes, recycle them into fresh crayons your kids will love to use again! Just strip the old crayons of the wax paper and sort them by color. About a Mom suggests that by using silicone molds, you can make the crayons into any shape you want! Click here to see just how easy this awesome slow cooker DIY really is.

7. Transform Yarn Color With Kool Aid

Repeat Crafter Me

Not convinced yet that your slow cooker is a magical little appliance that should be used for more than just cooking? Watch how it can turn boring yarn into something totally fabulous... and you may change your mind. Repeat Crafter Me demonstrates how Tropical Punch and Grape Kool-Aid completely transformed plain, white yarn into a tie-dye maroon and purple masterpiece that is perfect for any DIYer. Check out how to finish a scarf in 30 minutes and get the full tutorial here.

And Finally, Let Your Slow Cooker Clean Itself


After a day of home hacking and DIY crafting, this is the best (and easiest) way to clean your new BFF. Get the tutorial here.


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