Jet off in style with a personalized luggage tag. You won't believe how easy it is to create your own leather tag, complete with a fun phrase and a pop of gold.


Leather-stamping sounds intimidating, but our DIY hacks make it so easy! Add your name or a clever phrase to a scrap of leather in just a few easy steps; your luggage will be the talk of the trip next time you jet off!

What You'll Need

  • Leather 
  • Marker 
  • Leather-stamping letter set 
  • Leather hole punch 
  • Mallet 
  • Masking tape or washi tape 
  • Scissors 
  • E6000 Glue 
  • Gold Paint Pen 
  • Sponge and water
  • Suede lace or ribbon

Step 1: Cut leather tags

Use a marker to draw a tag shape on the rough underside of a leather piece. Cut out the shape, flip it over, and trace and cut another tag shape. Then use a leather hole punch to punch a hole in one of the tags; hold up the second tag and line up the punch with the first hole to cut through the second piece. Apply glue to the rough sides of each piece and press together. Let dry flat, under a heavy object, or use clamps to hold the leather together.

Step 2: Stamp leather

Decide which side of the tag will be the front, and choose a message to stamp into the leather. Place a straight line of masking tape (or washi tape) where you want the baseline of text to be; this will help you keep a straight line when punching your message. Tape as many of the metal stamp set's metal letters together as you can (before needing to repeat a letter); this will make sure the letters stay in a straight line. Position the letters just above the line of tape and hit with a mallet to stamp into the leather; it may help to wet the leather before stamping. Keep stamping until your entire message is stamped into the leather.

Step 3: Paint tag

Tape off a diagonal line from the bottom left corner to a spot about 1/4-inch up from the bottom of the right side. Tape off the opposite diagonal at the top of the tag. Use a fine-tip gold paint marker to fill in the sections that are taped off, and fill in the stamped words. When the front is dry, tape off and paint the same diagonals on the back side; don't forget to paint the sides too! When the tag is dry, cut a piece of suede lace and tie it through the punched hole to create a loop that can be attached to a bag.


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