Learn how to cover buttons with your favorite fabrics to personalize your sewing and embroidery projects, and create cute gifts!

June 11, 2015

make a button

Materials: Covered button kit (includes buttons, mold, and pusher) Fabric piece at least twice as big as covered button (and large enough to fit in small hoop) Water- or heat-soluble marking pen, such as FriXion disappearing- ink marker Small embroidery hoop Embroidery needle Clear covered button template (optional)

1. Follow the covered button kit packaging instructions to create a template. Or use an acrylic covered button template, such as the one we used from Dritz (dritz.com). Templates are designed for common button sizes.

2. Cut out traced circle on outer line.

3. Center fabric, wrong side up, over mold. Hold fabric firmly, and press button shell into mold with smooth, curved edge facedown.

4. Tuck raw edges of fabric into button shell. Place button back over tucked fabric with button shank facing up.

5. Press down firmly with pusher to snap button into place.

6. Remove covered button from mold.


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