Crafting with Recycled Buttons

We've created 10 clever ways to use unique recycled buttons in your next craft project.

Crafting Eco-Friendly

In our search to find companies with eco-friendly crafting supplies, we stumbled upon recycled and natural buttons from NearSea Naturals. This family business is located in a solar-powered facility near New Mexico's Pecos Wilderness Area. They provide crafters with eco-friendly fabrics, buttons, yarn, and a slew of other green supplies. We hope you're inspired to use these beautiful and renewable buttons in your next craft project.

Handmade Toggle

A perfect accent to a purse or coat, the 1-1/2-inch Wood Toggle is made of natural wood grain and has a one-of-a-kind feel. Each button is individually made by a family outside of Lima, Peru, who gather the wood from a rain-forest-free area.

Made from a Coconut Shell

Recycled coconut-shell buttons, such as the Small Coconut Flower, are a renewable resource created as a by-product of the coconut industry. This cute accessory is perfect for a decorative accent on a gift bag or your little girl's shirt.

A Classic Look

Made of burnt bamboo, the unique colors in this rectangular button will complement a variety of craft projects. Bamboo is an exceptionally fast-growing plant and is a resource that provides everything from building materials to flooring to buttons.

A Leafy Design

The corozo greenleaf button is created from corozo, the nut of a palm tree native to Peru, which looks like animal ivory and can be carved and dyed. The leaf etched into the surface will boldly announce your love for nature. These buttons are perfect for out-of-the-ordinary craft projects such as spicing up an ordinary bulletin board.

Going Traditional

This classic wood button sports a unique shape -- a square with rounded edges and an indented circle surrounding four holes. This button is handmade in Lima, Peru and is certified rain-forest-free.

Classic Wood Buttons

Add a natural touch to a pillow or quilt with this wood button. The triangle shape carved into this masterpiece gives it a unique feel.

One-of-a-Kind Button

The swirled designs in these round recycled glass buttons are a beautiful complement to a necklace.

Getting Fishy

These whimsical pufferfish buttons are made from coconut shells; perfect for personalizing a scrapbook page or picture frame.

A Two-Toned Button

This unique button features dark tagua bark placed in a crisscross pattern. Tagua originates from the nut of a native palm tree, which is then hand-carved and sold to benefit both the rain forest and the people who live within and near it. Use these buttons as the perfect embellishment for a shirt, or on a standard hand towel.

A Classic Buffalo-Head Nickel

The buffalo-head nickel button adds a classic touch to any craft project. We used it to embellish an ordinary pair of shoes. The buffalo-head nickel was only in production from 1913-1938.

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