Sewing Basics

Just a beginner? Check out our glossary of terms and expert tips for getting started.

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How to Sew Curtain Panels
Learn how to sew curtains with easy measuring and simple sewing.
The Ultimate Guide to Sewing for Beginners
Like any DIY project, sewing is easier when you have the right tools.
How to Sew Box-Edge Cushions
Add comfort and style to seating with a box-edge cushion. This versatile sewing project can be used for window seat cushions, patio cushions, or even simple bench cushions for indoors or outdoors. While custom cushions can be pricey, this DIY cushion project will have you sitting pretty and saving money.

More Sewing Basics

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Learn how to cover buttons with your favorite fabrics to personalize your sewing and embroidery projects, and create cute gifts!
Sewing Glossary
Here's a great place to start on your mission to become a sewing expert.