This is How to Turn Your Old Sweaters Into Cute New Mittens

The thrifty gift everyone will love.

Do you have an old sweater that you can't wear any longer but also can't seem to part with? We have the perfect DIY that allows you to repurpose any treasured possession: Turn your old sweater into mittens! This is a simple project that will soon have you cutting up all your sweaters. You can also use an old shrunken sweatshirt or pick up materials at your local thrift store. Just make sure to wash your garments and dry them well! Follow this amazing tutorial for a step by step guide to DIY mittens from

1. Create Your Pattern

Turn your sweater inside out and position your hand at the bottom the sweater to create your pattern. The hem of the sweater will become your mitten cuff. Creative, right? Trace your hand on the sweater with a marker. Don't worry about the marker as the sweater is inside out.

2. Cut Out Your Mitten

Take your time and cut through the two layers of sweater fabric to create your mitten. We recommend sharp scissors!

3. Pin Your MItten

To help you sew the two pieces of sweater fabric together, we recommend pinning the mitten. This holds it in place as you use a sewing machine or hand sew. The sewing machine makes this project very quick. You will be wearing your mittens in no time.

4. Show Off Your "Handy" Work

When you are done sewing, cut off any excess seam as it might get bulky inside your mitten. Turn your new mitten right side out and slip your hand inside. It's like they were made for you!

5. Hit Repeat

Repeat the process to create the mitten for your other hand. As soon as they are completed we suggest you run outside and test them out. We bet your hands will feel warm and snugly in your re-purposed sweater. They will feel even better when you think about how you made them all on your own!


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