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two finished pincushions
Pincushions are a sewing necessity. Why not make one that's as creative as you are? Pick one of our patterns to create your own sewing sidekick.

Scrappy Pincushions

Pick a favorite block and quickly create a sweet, stuffed pin holder with just a few fabric scraps and buttons using these simple instructions.

Sweet Cupcake Pincushions

No need to count calories with these yummy-looking felted cupcakes. The ribbing from felted sweaters emulates baking cups, bright-color felted sweater scraps form the frosting, and tiny beads stand in for sprinkles. A paper-towel tube keeps the shape upright.

Yellow Flower Wool Pincushion

Love to work with wool? Bring garden-fresh blooms to any sewing table with folk art wool pincushions that you can stitch in an afternoon. If you are working with wool for the first time, be aware that when you felt wool, one yard of 54-inch-wide wool will shrink to a soft and fluffy piece approximately 32x52 inches.

Purple Flower Wool Pincushion

This pincushion is perfect for making in multiples and giving to friends as gifts. When working with wool, a lightweight, paper-backed fusible web can provide stability when cutting out small or intricate shapes.

To use fusible web, complete the following steps.

Lay fusible web, paper side up, over patterns. Use a pencil to trace each pattern the number of times indicated in cutting instructions, leaving 1/2 inch between tracings. Cut out each fusible-web shape roughly 1/4 inch outside traced lines.

Following manufacturer's instructions, press fusible-web shapes onto designated wools; let cool.

Cut out wool shapes on drawn lines and peel off paper backings.

Dainty Pincushions

Fabrics and trims adorn these adorable pincushions. A kraft paper box provides a sturdy base for the cushion top. Take your pick between an oval or round cushion, or make both!

Present Pincushion

For a fun twist on the traditional tomato pincushion, try this no-sew solution. Elegant fabric, beaded accents, and a ribbon bow elevate the practical design to a new level of style. Cover a 3-inch foam square with fabric (wrap it like a gift) and secure along all edges with fabric glue. Glue on beads, and tie on a ribbon bow.

Crafts Supplies

2-3/4-inch cube of high-density upholstery foam

Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive

Fabric glue




Cut a 7x13-inch rectangle of fabric to cover the cube like a present.

Use hot glue to secure the fabric to the cube. Secure all edges with fabric glue, holding in place until they are secure.

Tie a ribbon around the wrapped cube.

Using fabric glue, adhere beads randomly around the sides and top.

Pink Heart Pincushion

From scraps of felted wool, cut a 3/8x12-inch tie, two hearts, one flower, and one circle. Layer circle and flower atop heart; secure with a large cross-stitch (use three strands of embroidery floss for all embroidery). Layer hearts and blanket-stitch edges together, leaving a 1-inch opening on a straight edge. Stuff heart with fiberfill, and then continue blanket-stitching. Knot each tie end, then match centers of tie and back of heart. Stitch tie in place, hiding knots underneath tie.

Folk Art Fish Pincushion

A playful wool pincushion provides the perfect place to poke stray pins and needles.

Big and Bold Pincushions

Don't spend time searching for your pincushion. Make a jumbo (6x6x3-inch), tufted cushion in bright, lively prints -- finding it will be a cinch!

Handkerchief Pincushion

Remove the strawberry from a purchased pincushion. Cover the pin sharpener with a scrap of handkerchief. Measure the circumference of the cushion. From a handkerchief, cut a circle with the diameter of that measurement. Sew a gathering stitch1/4 inch from the edge. Place over the top of the cushion, pulling the thread to gather the fabric underneath. Secure embroidery floss to the top center and wrap several times around the cushion. Leave a tail to reattach the strawberry. Cut a piece of felt as a leaf for the cushion top. Attach it with fabric glue.

Crocheted Flower Pincushion

Perky petals, a puffy center -- this flower's got power. Anyone who sews will love this adorable and useful pincushion.

Little Flower Pincushion

Grab favorite flower colors of felted wool for this little pincushion. From the felted wool, cut a 3/8x12-inch tie, along with two large flower outlines, one smaller flower, and one small circle. Stack the circle and smaller flower over one larger flower. Tie down with a large cross-stitch. Layer larger flowers and blanket-stitch edges together. Leave a 1-inch opening on a longer, straight edge. Stuff with fiberfill. Stitch opening closed. Knot each tie end, then match centers of tie and back of flower. Stitch in place.

Adorable Flower Pincushion

Simple hand beading gives adorable pincushion an extra punch of personality. Click the link below for two other adorable beading projects.

Romantic Heart Pincushion

Put a little love into your sewing. The romantic heart shape is appliqued with flowers and is finished with fancy stitching. Originally an ornament, the same project can be used as a pincushion.

Patchwork Pincushions

Buttons and ribbons turn these square pincushions into patchwork masterpieces. Choose fabrics with bold colors and whimsical patterns for an extra dose of fun. The simple project is a snap to make.

Wool Pincushions

Old-fashioned hats are the inspiration for these spring-themed pincushions. Flowers and beads bedazzle the cute country hats. The appliqued flowers don't require much fabric -- scraps you have on hand work perfectly.

Tomato Pincushions

Felted wool pincushions will be the hit of the party when given as take-home favors.

Cute Pumpkin Pincushions

Before crafting these whimsical whatnots, go on a scavenger hunt! Found objects form the fanciful facial features and stems that give these felt pumpkin characters such personality.

Squared Up

Square patches are sewn together with frayed edges in this Amy Butler creation. The angular shape is a rarity in the pincushion world, which makes it all the more unique. This pattern is one of 14 projects in Amy's Sew-It Kit.

Pincushion Trio

With three sizes to choose from, pick the pincushion that fits the scale of your project. A tufting technique jazzes up the pincushion trio.

Posy Pincushions

These pincushions were designed with the gardening and sewing aficionado in mind. Wool pincushions are decorated with nature-themed appliques. Choose from a dragonfly, sunflower, or bee applique.

Wild Flower Pincushion

Bright fabrics and a cute design make for a can't-miss pincushion. The pattern has an ordinary round base with pretty petals sewn around the top, creating a colorful flower. The project and fabrics are a creation from Anna Marie Horner.

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