A Cute Flower Pin Handbag

This easy-sew bag is made from adorable dish towels.

What You'll Need

  • Green tone-on-tone dish towel (featured bag uses standard 20-x-28-inch dish towels)
  • Light green plaid dish towel
  • Set of two circular or oval purse handles

Finished Bag

  • 15 x 10 inches
  • Measurements include 1/4-inch seam allowances.
  • Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Sew Bag Body

  1. With wrong side inside, fold each dish towel in half lengthwise and lightly press. Open each towel, then fold in half widthwise and lightly press.
  2. Lay green tone-on-tone dish towel right side up vertically on your work surface. Place light green plaid dish towel right side up horizontally on top of first towel, matching up all pressed lines. Pin in place.
  3. Referring to Diagram 1, stitch on pressed horizontal line through both towels, beginning and ending seam at edges of green tone-on-tone dish towel. (This seam will be at the bottom of finished bag.)
  4. Stitch on pressed vertical line through both towels, beginning and ending seam at edges of light green plaid dish towel (Diagram 1). (This seam will form pockets on the outside of finished bag.)

Finish Bag Body

Referring to Diagram 2, trim excess fabric from light green plaid dish towel to make bag body.

Press Bag Body

Place bag body right side down vertically on your work surface. Turn each end of the bag body 2 inches to the wrong side; lightly press (Diagram3).

Add Handles

At one end of bag body, insert handle in fold; pin in place (Diagram 4). With folded edge facing up, sew close to finished edge of towel to enclose purse handle. Sew just a few inches at a time, and backstitch at beginning and end of seam. Repeat to attach remaining handle.

TIP: The designer suggests sewing only 2 inches at a time. "The fabric will begin to bunch up, so work slowly, keeping the 2 inches you are about to sew nice and flat."

Assemble Bag

  1. With right sides together, fold bag body in half and pin sides of bag body together.
  2. Sew together bag body sides, starting 3 inches from upper edge of bag (Diagram 5).

Finish Bag

  1. To form bottom of bag, at one corner, match side seam line with seam on bag bottom, creating a flattened triangle (Diagram 6). Measure and mark on seam allowance 2 inches from point of triangle. Draw a line across triangle and sew on drawn line. Repeat with remaining corner.
  2. Turn bag right side out. Press if needed.

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