Embellish a Skirt

Take an ordinary skirt from drab to fab with raw-edge appliques.

Make This Skirt

1. Try on the skirt and mark the meandering vine using tailor's chalk.

2. Cut enough 5/8-inch-wide bias strips from green print for the vine and enough 3/8-inch-wide bias strips from solid fuchsia for the skirt and yoke hem.

3. Stretch the strips and rough up the edges to fray them.

4. Cut the desired flower and leaf appliques from assorted prints (don't add seam allowances). See preparing an applique how-to, below.

5. Using clear monofilament thread, straight-stitch down the center of each bias strip and about 1/4 inch away from the edges of the flowers and leaves.

6. Use a stiff brush to carefully fray the edges of each applique.

Preparing an Applique Diagram

1. Place heat-resistant template plastic over a pattern. Trace pattern onto plastic using a permanent fine-line marker (Diagram 1). Cut out on drawn line to make a template.

2. Place the template on the wrong side of selected green print. Cut out applique piece, adding a 3/16-inch seam allowance to the edges (Diagram 2).

3. Pour a small amount of starch into a dish. Place template-topped applique on a pressing surface covered with a tea towel or muslin. Dip a cotton swab in starch and moisten the applique's seam allowance (Diagram 3).

4. Use tip of a hot, dry iron to turn the seam allowance over the edge of the template and press it in place until starch is dry. Continue pressing the seam allowance, adding starch as necessary (Diagram 4).


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