5 Adorable Kids' Shirts

Craft these cute kids' shirts in no time for some funky, applique fun.

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    Custom T-Shirts

    Kids will love these personalized tees. Just pick an applique motif, your favorite color T-shirt, then get ready to have some fun.

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    Buzzworthy Butterfly

    Your little one will be dressed to impress in this bright, summery T-shirt with an oversized appliqued butterfly. The green and turquoise print is perfect for a chilly summer evening.

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    Lion Applique

    Three fabric prints are all you need to put a fun twist on a basic cotton T-shirt. Choose orange, red, and brown fabrics for the face and your little one's favorite color tee for the backdrop.

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    Patchwork Caterpillar

    Orange, pink, and yellow scrap pieces combine to create a creative patchwork caterpillar. Let your little one pick out the scrap pieces so she can be proud of her one-of-a-kind creation.

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    Pretty Princess

    Girly and fun, this little pink appliqued tiara is the perfect embellishment to a plain pink tee. The pink feathers add a lively accent that your little princess will think is extra special.

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    Racecar Style

    Racecars are no longer just for play; rev up a plain T-shirt with his favorite toy. Thin yellow scraps stretching from the shoulder to the bottom hem are a creative backdrop for the appliqued racecar.

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