Cute Shoe Flowers

Turn ho-hum shoes into favorite footwear with fantasy flowers made from torn fabric strips and covered buttons.


  • Scraps of two assorted prints and one stripe from 100-percent-cotton fabrics
  • Crafts glue (such as Goop or E-6000)
  • Two 3/4"-diameter half-ball buttons to cover
  • Two show clip blanks (optional)

Assemble Shoe Flowers

  1. Tear assorted print scraps into one 1-1/4x16" strip and one 1x16" strip. Cut a 1-1/2"-diameter circle from striped scrap.
  2. Using a running stitch, gather one long edge of 1-1/4x16" strip into a circle with center as tight as possible; knot off to make a large ruffle. Turn under overlapping short ends and secure in place on wrong side of ruffle; knot off. For 1x16" strip, repeat gathering and overlapping of short ends to make a small ruffle.
  3. Place a small dab of glue at right-side center of large ruffle. Centering small ruffle right side up over large ruffle, press in place. Allow glue to dry.
  4. Following manufacturer's instructions, cover button using striped circle. Place small dab of glue at center of small ruffle. Press button in place to complete flower; allow glue to dry.
  5. Glue flower to shoe. Or, if desired, glue flower to shoe clip blank, then attach to shoe.
  6. Repeat to make a second flower.


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