Cottage-Inspired Apron

Choose a pretty floral fabric to craft this cute cottage-inspired apron.


  • 3/4 yard pink-and-green floral (apron, waistband, pocket)
  • 3/8 yard pink print (ties, piping)
  • 3/4 yard multicolor stripe (ruffle, pocket ruffle)
  • Lightweight, nonfusible interfacing

Finished Apron Width at waistband: 25 inches Length: 21 inches

Cut Fabrics for Apron

To make the best use of your fabrics, cut pieces in the following order.

From pink-and-green floral, cut:

  • 1 of Apron Pattern (View 1)
  • 1 -- 7-inch square (lower pocket)
  • 1 -- 3-1/2-x-26-inch strip (waistband)
  • 1 -- 3-1/2-x-7-inch rectangle (upper pocket)

From pink print, cut:

  • 2 -- 3-1/2-x-30-inch strips (ties)
  • 1 -- 2-x-37-inch strip (piping)
  • 1 -- 2-x-6-1/2-inch strip (pocket piping)

From multicolor stripe, cut:

  • 1 -- 4-3/4-x-42-inch strip (ruffle)
  • 1 -- 4-3/4-x-10-inch strip (ruffle)
  • 1 -- 2-3/4-x-10-inch strip (pocket ruffle)

Download the Pattern

The large apron pattern will print on 6 sheets of paper. Cut out the pattern and place in the order appearing in the small diagram on the printout.

Apron Pattern

Pocket Pattern

Assemble Apron Body

1. To sew darts in apron piece, match up dashed lines, then stitch. Press darts toward center front (Diagram 1).

2. With wrong sides together, fold pink print 2-x-37-inch piping strip in half lengthwise; press. Matching raw edges sew folded strip to lower edge of apron.

3. Join multicolor stripe 4-3/4-x-42-inch and 4-3/4-x-10-inch ruffle strips together along one short edge to make one long ruffle strip. Turn under 1/4 inch on one long edge of ruffle strip; press. Turn under a second time 1/2 inch; press. Sew through all layers close to the first folded edge.

4. With a long machine stitch, sew 1/2 inch from long raw edge of ruffle strip. Pull up threads to gather the edge.

5. With raw edges aligned, match center of gathered strip with bottom center of apron. Pin and stitch with 1/2-inch seam allowance (Diagram 2). Finish raw edges of seam with a machine zigzag stitch. Press seam toward apron.

6. Turn under 1/4 inch on each side edge of apron and ruffle; press. Turn under a second time 1/2 inch and press. Sew through all layers close to first folded edge.

Make Ties

1. Turn under 1/4 inch twice on each long edge of pink print 3-1/2-x-30-inch strip; press. Sew through all layers close to first folded edge.

2. Fold hemmed strip in half lengthwise and sew across one end. Clip point. Press seam to one side. Turn right side out and press seam in center of hemmed strip. Sew across resulting triangle (Diagram 3).

3. In the center of each raw end of the strip, make a fold so the strip end is 1 1/4 inches wide. Pin in place, then sew across fold to complete an apron tie (Diagram 4).

4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 with remaining pink print 3-1/2-x-30-inch strip to make a second apron tie.

From interfacing, cut:

  • 1 -- 1-1/2-x-7-inch rectangle

Make and Add Pocket

1. Fold pink print 2-x-6-1/2-inch pocket piping strip in half lengthwise. Sew across ends. Clip corners, turn right side out, and press.

2. Fold under 1/4 inch twice on lower edge and ends of multicolor stripe 2-3/4-x-10-inch pocket ruffle strip. Press. Sew close to first folded edge.

3. With a long machine stitch, sew 1/4 inch from unhemmed edge of pocket ruffle strip. Pull up threads to gather the edge.

4. With wrong side of ruffle on right side of pocket, center piping and ruffle on one edge of pink-and-green floral lower pocket; stitch in place (Diagram 5).

5. Aligning long edges, place interfacing on wrong side of pink-and-green floral upper pocket. Turn under 1/2 inch along opposite pocket edge and press. Sew upper pocket to lower pocket; press seam toward upper pocket (Diagram 6).

6. Fold upper pocket in half with right sides together, matching pressed edge with seam. Sew side edges with 1/2-inch seam allowance (Diagram 7). Clip corners, turn right side out, and press. Press under 1/2 inch on edges of lower pocket.

7. Referring to pattern for placement, pin pocket to apron. Edgestitch pocket to apron, keeping ruffle and piping free from stitching.

Make More Aprons

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  1. Is this missing instructions for attaching ties to waistband, and waistband to apron? I think I can figure it out, but would love to have clear guidance on these steps. Thank you!

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