Short on scrapbooking time? Try adapting one of these designs.

If you are happy - Scrapbook page
Cherish memories with your child by capturing them in this lovely scrapbook page.

Child's Smile A simple smile from a child is all you need to make this scrapbook page great.

Day with Sammy - Scrapbook page

Day with a Child Collect a day of photos with your child or friend in this colorful scrapbook page.

Friend in Me - Scrapbook page

You've Got a Friend in Me Capture the unconditional love of friendship with this crafty scrapbook page.

Cracked - scrapbook page

Silly Moments Remember silly moments with this nutty scrapbook page.

Ducky Love - scrapbook page

Favorite Toy or Animal Make your favorite toy or animal the star with this scrapbook page.

Days with You - scrapbook page

A Child's Love Express your love, hugs, and kisses with this adorable scrapbook page.

I just do - scrapbook page

Cherished Baby Days Show your love with this intimate scrapbook page.

sisters - scrapbook page

Sisters Cherish a moment between sisters with this darling scrapbook page.


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