Short on scrapbooking time? Try adapting one of these designs.

June 11, 2015
Cherish memories with your child by capturing them in this lovely scrapbook page.

Child's Smile A simple smile from a child is all you need to make this scrapbook page great.

Place photos upside down to make the fun come alive.

Day with a Child Collect a day of photos with your child or friend in this colorful scrapbook page.

This youthful scrapbook page will be a treasure for years to come.

You've Got a Friend in Me Capture the unconditional love of friendship with this crafty scrapbook page.

Get zaney with this fun scrapbook page.

Silly Moments Remember silly moments with this nutty scrapbook page.

Profile fun animal pictures with this kid-inspired scrapbook page.

Favorite Toy or Animal Make your favorite toy or animal the star with this scrapbook page.

Keep memories alive with a scrapbook page.

A Child's Love Express your love, hugs, and kisses with this adorable scrapbook page.

You don't have to explain why you love someone, just show them with this lovely scrapbook page.

Cherished Baby Days Show your love with this intimate scrapbook page.

A fun day for syblings makes the perfect scrapbook page addition.

Sisters Cherish a moment between sisters with this darling scrapbook page.


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