Easy Digital Scrapbook Pages

Learn a new digital technique or brush up on your digital scrapbooking skills with simple pages you can create on your computer in no time! Our tested step-by-step directions for all-digital scrapbook pages make it easy.

Make a Grid-Based Digital Scrapbook Page

Design by Amber Ries

Amber combined elements in soft, distressed colors to record the memory of her daughter's love affair with a favorite toy.

1. Create a new 12x12" canvas in your photo-editing software. Insert a dark background or create your own. Use the rectangle tool to create six boxes to house photos and journaling. Each box will be on its own layer.
2. Create clipping masks by dragging photos and digital papers onto your background, moving them a layer above the rectangle you'd like each to fill and using the command CTRL+ALT+G (or CTRL+G in Adobe Photoshop Elements).
3. Insert text boxes for your title and journaling. Insert a title image near the bottom right of the scrapbook page and a flower border on the left. Add drop shadows to all elements for realism.


SOURCES: Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2. Fonts: Jane Austen (title), Pea Johanna (journaling), and 1942 Report ("Live, Love, Laugh") off the Internet. Digital elements Streetwear Kits by Tracy Ann Robinson.

Create a Two-Page Digital Scrapbook Design

Design by Emilie Ahern

We all have songs that touch us or remind us of an important time in our lives. Take a cue from Emilie and document one of those songs. Lyrics running down each side of the scrapbook page hint at their meaning in Emilie's life.

1. Open a new 24x12" canvas. Open and drag a brown cardstock image to the new canvas, placing it flush with the left edge. Duplicate the paper for the right half of the scrapbook page and move into place.
2. Open patterned paper and resize it to about 11.5x11.5". Drop a torn-edge template on top of the patterned paper and erase the excess paper below the tear line. Merge the edge with the paper and duplicate. Position each half on the layout canvas.
3. Draw a white rectangle to serve as your photo mat and journaling spot. Add a slight drop shadow. Crop your photo into a square and add it to the mat. Type the title and journaling.
4. Add stitched elements. Use a dingbat font to create the flourish embellishment that separates the two portions of the title, adding a line to the end of the symbol and coloring them to match tones in the patterned paper.


SOURCES: Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2. Fonts: Arial Narrow (journaling), Birthright (script), Wingdings2 (flourish). Digital elements: The Digi Chick (background cardstock, patterned paper), Scrap Artist (stitched lines).

Create a Row Of Digital Photos and Papers

Design by Tracie Radtke

A clean, simple design executed with cool, masculine colors results in a sharp digital scrapbook page about Tracie's son, Alex, getting a flight memento.

1. Open a new 12x12" document in your photo-editing software. Insert a solid color background or fill the canvas with a tint. Insert a lighter, patterned background on top and crop to 12x4".
2. Open three vertical photos and crop to 3x4". Align the photos on top of the patterned background with a 3x4" space on the right-hand side for your journaling.
3. Insert a striped background element and drop two 12x1/4" strips from it. Position the strips to border the top and bottom of the photo series.
4. Add text boxes for your journaling, title, subtitle, and monogram.


SOURCES: Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0. Fonts: Century Gothic (title), JFRingmaster ("A") off the Internet. Digital elements: Sporto Kit by Susan Bartolini.

Use Transparent Digital Scrapbooking Elements

Design by Bernadette Henderson

Enhanced by a chic design reminiscent of a magazine ad, Bernadette's digital scrapbook page features a trio of photos, splashes of red, and cool faux-plastic letters.

1. Open a new 8.5x11" canvas. Open and drag a cream background paper to the new canvas.
2. Open brown paper, crop it to about 8.5x4", and place it on the scrapbook page near the top of the page as shown. Crop three photos to size and position them on top of the brown paper.
3. Type the title and journaling. Add acrylic-look letters, stitched elements, and a heart accent.


SOURCES: Software: Microsoft Digital Image Suite. Font: Times New Roman. Digital elements: Scrapbook Bytes (papers), A Cherry On Top (stitched corner, stitched lines), Scrap Artist ("love" letters), Digital Design Essentials (heart embellishment).

Layer Digital Patterned Papers for a Colorful Photo Mat

Design by Paula Gilarde

An adorable photo and garden-inspired digital papers showcase a new trick Paula's daughter picked up at preschool.

1. Open a new 12x12" document in your photo-editing software. Fill with a solid background and add a purchased inked edge. Open a striped background, drag it onto your canvas, and crop to 1x12". Place the strip about 4" from the bottom of your scrapbook page.
2. Insert four patterned-paper backgrounds onto your canvas, crop them to varying sizes, and arrange them as shown. If you like, run an inked-edge action on each piece to define the layers.
3. Open a photo and drag it on top of the patterned pieces. Add a stitched element to the top and bottom of your photo, and crop as shown.
4. Insert round brush elements and text boxes for your title and journaling. Open patterned brackets from a digital kit and drag them onto your scrapbook page to enhance your title.


SOURCES: Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0. Fonts: Suzanne QuillSH (journaling) and Dream Orphans (title) off the Internet. Digital elements: Good Life Kit (paper) and Round and Round (brushes) by Two Peas in a Bucket, Shabby Princess (inked overlay), Atomic Cupcake (inking action).

Use Digital Brushes to Blend Photos and Papers

Design by Denise Zavagno

Elegant green-and-blue floral designs strike a perfect balance with a vintage sepia-tone photograph on Denise's digital scrapbook page.

1. Open a new 12x12" canvas in your photo-editing software. Open two patterned papers. Crop each to 6x12" and drag them to the new canvas.
2. Open a photo and crop to 7x12". Move the photo to the layout canvas and distress its edges with brushes or photo masks.
3. Create text boxes to add vertical journaling, a subtitle in a mix of script and serif fonts, and a stapled tag with the title.


SOURCES: Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 3. Fonts: Dear Joe (journaling), Selfish (script) off the Internet, Times New Roman (title). Digital elements: Little Mait and Plantation paper packs by Iron Orchid Designs (papers), Essential Elements Pack kit by Iron Orchid Design (tag, staple), Swirls brush kit by Rhonna Farrer, Spring Embroidery brush set by Miss M.

Pair Bright-Color Digital Patterned Papers

Design by Anne Langpap

Anne combined spring-inspired hues and simple accents for this quick-and-easy digital scrapbook page about her daughter.

1. Open a new 8.5x11" canvas in your photo-editing software. Open green and pink patterned papers and crop each to about 4.25x11". Drag them to your canvas.
2. Drag a photo, cropped to about 4.25x7", to the scrapbook page and place it flush with the right side of the page. Draw a white journaling box to the left of the photo.
3. Open ribbon and flower elements and drag-and-drop onto the scrapbook page. Create the title block letters by drawing individual green boxes behind each letter of the title. Add the script portion of the title, the journaling, and the black circles for the brads to complete the layout.


SOURCES: Software: Corel Paint Show Pro X. Fonts: 2Peas Fancy Free (journaling), Myriad Pro Condensed and Daisy Script (title). Digital elements: TroPEAcal Bliss Kit by Anne Langpap (pink paper), Spice it Up kit by Anne Langpap (ribbon), Splash of color Embellishment kit by Anne Langpap (flower brad).

Showcase Sepia Photos on Bright Digital Paper Backgrounds

Design by Kim Crothers

Kim paired sepia-tint photos of her little girl with bright digital papers and embellishments for a striking scrapbook page.

1. Drag blue background paper to a new 12x12" canvas. Crop dark pink (2.5x2.5") and green (6x2") papers and position them as shown. Crop and place three photos (6x8", 3.5x3", 4.5x6").
2. Add a paint-chip accent below the photo layers and an assortment of title accents above the photos.
3. Open the flower element and make two copies. Size each layer and position as shown. Finish the accent with a string element. Add text to the paint-chip accent, and type journaling to complete the scrapbook page.


SOURCES: Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2. Font: Jasmine 2 (script) by Font Garden, Times New Roman. Digital elements: Scrapbook.com.

Pull Scrapbook Page Colors from Your Digital Photo

Design by Shari Barnes

Bright digital scrapbooking elements highlight the tie-dyed shirt worn by Shari's super-smiley son.

1. Open a new 8.5x11" document in your photo-editing software. Insert a white background onto your canvas. Open a striped background, drag it to the left side of your canvas, and crop to 2x11".
2. Insert your photo and place it toward the top center of the canvas. Drop a black box behind the photo, or add a black stroke to form a mat.
3. Add text boxes for your journaling and title. Fill part of your title with a pattern by using a clipping mask. Finish the design by adding a few color-coordinated accents and a drop shadow.


SOURCES: Software: Adobe Photoshop CS. Font: Patriot ("contagious") and Uncle Charles (journaling) by Autumn Leaves. Digital elements: HuniBuni Creations (striped background), Shabby Princess ("love" circle). Digital Design Essentials (flowers).

Embellish Scrapbook Pages with Digital Brushes

Design by Jessica Sprague

Jessica worked with downloaded digital backgrounds and standard Adobe Photoshop brushes to get the slightly distressed look of this digital scrapbook page.

1. Open a new document and fill it with a subtle white digital patterned paper. Open, resize, and place your photo on the right side of the scrapbook page. Jessica's measures 6-3/4x 5".
2. Open a green digital paper file and cut 1-1/4" squares from it, pasting them into your document as shown. Cut long strips out of a striped digital paper and paste them into the canvas on the left side and above and below the photo.
3. Use the corner-rounder stamp with the Eraser tool to round the corners of each piece of green paper. Digitally distress the paper and the edges of the photo with brushes. Jessica used a variety of brushes to get her aged and faded look.
4. Create a new layer and stamp the botanical-print image in green. Size to fit and position it over the rounded squares. Change the mode of the stamp layer to Overlay so the stamp shows up on the green paper but disappears on the white background.
5. Add your journaling and other text. Use a brush to accent the journaling with a swirl.


SOURCES: Software: Adobe Photoshop. Fonts: Aquiline (title), Roman Script (script) off the Internet, Georgia (journaling) by Microsoft. Digital elements: Designer Digitals (papers, botanical brush, chart stamp brush, corner-rounder brush), Two Peas in a Bucket (botanical brush, swirl brush), Rebel Heart (grunge brush), Misprinted Type (grunge brush).

Highlight Photos with Digital Scrapbooking Elements

Design by Tia Bennett

Tia created a digital scrapbook page with impact by using graphics to highlight areas of her photos. Download brushes found online or make your own using symbol fonts or hand-drawn elements.

1. Open a new 12x12" document and fill the background with a teal color from your color palette. Select the line tool, and in a color slightly lighter than the background, draw horizontal lines ranging from 1/4" apart to 2-1/4" apart down the page.
2. Open your photos and resize the main image to 9-1/2?x7-1/2" and the supporting image to 5-1/2?x3-3/4". Slightly increase the canvas size around each image to give it a crisp white border, then drag and drop them into your colored background and arrange as shown.
3. Type your subtitle and your journaling. Adding a drop shadow to your subtitle will help it stand out. Create the title by using the same color as the background, and play with the drop shadow, bevel, and emboss settings until you have the look you want. Place the different type layers as shown.
4. Select the Brush tool and "stamp" the leaves, clocks, and hand-drawn circle onto your page. Finish with an arrow selected from the custom-shape tools directory; bevel and emboss it with the same settings as your title.


SOURCES: Software: Adobe Photoshop CS. Fonts: Century Gothic (journaling), Neuropol (title) off the Internet. Digital brushes: Designer Digitals.

Mimic the Look of Ads Or Packaging for Digital Scrapbook Pages

Design by Candi Gershon

For this digital scrapbook page about her daughter's whiny attitude, Candi based the design of her title block on a wine-bottle label.

1. Candi created a digital version of the bottle label by combining several fonts and lines of varying thickness on a white textural-look background. She saved the piece as a JPEG file.
2. Beginning with a new 12x12" document, Candi imported a pink textured background, applying a white paint overlay to give the edges a softened appearance. She also imported another patterned background, resized the image to approximately 9-1/2x10", and added a drop shadow to give it depth.
3. Candi then opened the four photos she wanted to use and dragged each to her canvas. She revised them to fit on her floral background, making the large image 6x9" and arrange the other three below it. She gave each image a slight drop shadow and again applied the paint overlay to the largest image to soften the edges.
4. Using the text feature, Candi added an initial in a script font to the large photo and a bit of journaling along the bottom of the page. She added the JPEG of the title block to the scrapbook page, matted it with a muted pattern, and applied a drop shadow. A digital strip of stapled ribbon adds to the illusion of depth. Digital twill tape labels, eyelets, and a dotted line polish off the design.


SOURCES: Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0. Fonts: Piano Recital (script) by Two Peas in a Bucket, Young Love ("K") and Mailart Rubberstamp (text on twill tape) off the Internet. Digital elements: Neutron Kit (cardstock, orange eyelets) and Faithful Friend Kit (twill tape) by Digital Design Essentials, Shabby Mommy Kit (pink floral, orange) and Sweet Sprinkles Kit (stapled ribbon) by Shabby Princess, Handsome Kit (white dots, painted edge overlay) by Heather Ann Designs.

Decorate Digital Scrapbook Pages with Dingbats

Design by Candi Gershon

Candi turned a bowling-pin dingbat into a digital scrapbook page accent for this simple design about her little pinheads.

1. Open a new 12x12" canvas. Using the texturizer filter, add a canvas texture to the white background.
2. Open a red digital paper file and crop it to .5x12". Drag it onto your canvas, duplicate, and place both strips in the top third of your page.
3. Crop your photos to size and place them on your scrapbook page as shown. Add drop shadows to the red strips and photos.
4. Add digital title letters, stitching, a tag, and a photo turn. Type your subtitle and journaling. Using a sports-themed dingbat set, add the bowling ball and pins accent. Use a downloaded action or your later options to give the dingbat an embossed effect.


SOURCES: Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 3. Font: Century Gothic (journaling), SP Inspired (handwriting), Sports (bowling dingbat). Digital elements: Shabby Princess (red), Jen Wilson (title), Digital Design Essentials (tag, stitch, anchor), Michelle Coleman (stitching). Action: Atomic Cupcake.

Use Digital Embellishments to Enhance Your Theme

Design by Kate Teague

Digital embellishments and close-up photos come together in a scrapbook page that perfectly describes the fun Kate's daughter had with a gift from Grandma.

1. Create a blank 12x12" canvas in your photo-editing software. Drop your main photo into your canvas and crop to 4-1/2x12". Insert a second photo in the top right portion of the page and crop to 7-1/2x3". Fill the remaining space with a purchased digital texture and pattern, or design your own.
2. Insert the stitching image and place along the edge of the large photo. Add two smaller photos to your background, size, and add a white stroke and a drop shadow to both.
3. Form your title by turning the text white, converting it to outlines, and adding a thin black stroke. Journal on the textured background and the two small photos.
4. Finish your design by adding digital stamps around the title, and a button, tied ribbon, and a flower accent as shown.


SOURCES: Software: Adobe Photoshop. Font: Century Gothic (sans serif), Time New Roman (serif). Digital elements: Katie Teague for Designer Digitals (patterned paper, stamps), Shabby Princess Designs (black ribbon, stitching), Heather Ann Designs (white ribbon), Jen Wilson Designs (flower).

Give Your Digital Scrapbook Page an Aged Look

Design by Gina Cabrera

Realistic torn edges and digital stamps add a paperlike feel to this serene scrapbook page about a vacation Gina took with her family.

1. Open a new 12x12" document in your image-editing software. Fill the background with a purchased digital texture, or create your own.
2. Add a purchased torn-edge mat to your background and insert a photo sized to 10x5". Set off your photo with a small white edge.
3. Turn your title text white and place it near the bottom of the mat. Write your journaling below it as shown.
4. Place a black-and-white photo behind a purchased photo-negative image and connect it to the mat and background with faux staples. Embellish your scrapbook page with digital stamps and a flower image.


SOURCES: Software: Microsoft Digital Image Pro. Fonts: Heidi (title), Susie's Hand (journaling) off the Internet. Digital elements: Steph's Digital Paper Tearing and More (torn edge overlay), Twist of Life Kit (all other) by Digital Design Essentials.

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