Handmade Paper Valentine's Day Cards

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Put that scrapbooking paper to good use and whip up a cute and creative handmade card for Valentine's Day. We'll help you find the perfect idea for all the loves in your life.

Paper Bookmarks

These beautiful bookmarks are hiding two sweet things: a colorful heart and a lollipop treat. Use bold-pattern papers on the outside and bright-color papers on the inside. 

Wrapping Paper Card

Pretty patterned papers can do so much more than wrap gifts! Choose a patterned paper and make a sweet DIY Valentine's Day card by cutting out individual shapes like these flowers. Glue to a plain paper card and add a handwritten note. 

Heart Balloon Card

Love is in the air! This handmade Valentine's Day card starts with cut paper hearts. Choose a variety of colored sheets and cut an assortment of heart sizes. Glue them on a plain card in an overlapping pattern and add the strings with black marker. 

Cookie Cutter Cards

Bust out the cookie cutters! You'll need their flawless heart shape to create these pretty little things. Just dip the cutters into contrasting colors of paint and press onto multicolor cards. 

Cactus Card

Your Valentine has never seen a card "sew" cute. With some quick stitchwork and just a few materials, you'll be creating this cool cactus in no time! To make, hand-cut a cactus shape from cardstock and glue onto your card. Place on a safe surface, such as a foam board, then poke holes in lines on the cactus every ¼ inch using a pushpin. Using green embroidery floss, thread in and out until all holes are filled. Finish with the punny memo and a pink heart.

Surprise-Inside Hearts

Play cupid with these corrugated paper Valentine's Day cards. The secret is a surprise hidden inside! Add a small gift or candy and finish with a pretty patterned straw. 

Knotted Card

Instead of traditional stitches, this whimsical card is made with colorful knots. Start with patterned paper and use embroidery thread to get the look. 

Paper Flower Cards

We prefer love notes of the floral persuasion. Create bloomin' shapes using various hues of colored paper, gluing each layer atop the previous. Place on a card for a Valentine's bouquet that'll last forever. 

Gold Heart Card

This card is as good as gold. Use a stamp to cut three patterned hearts and one shimmery gold heart. Glue them to a plain card and share your sweet sentiment.

Accordion Hearts

These classroom-perfect valentines are just as much fun to make as they are to give. Fold a long sheet of paper accordion-style, then cut out a heart shape from each fold. Unfold the card and fill in one of the cutouts with a contrasting paper heart and some glue. 

Gift Tag Cards

Get crafty and repurpose those leftover gift tags from Christmas into valentines. Adorn with ribbons, paper hearts, and lace, and write sweet somethings on the blank side.

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