Up, Up, and Away

Let your creativity take flight on a greeting card.

Materials: Assorted scrapbooking papers Baker's twine: red-and-white, brown-and-white Clear-drying glue stick 5×7" white card 3⁄8" letter stickers

Download this pattern pieces here.

1. Trace patterns onto white paper; cut out. Trace balloon shapes A–E onto desired scrapbook papers, including the vertical segment lines on shape A; cut out the shapes. 2. Glue shapes B and C to shape A as indicated by the dashed placement lines on the pattern. 3. Using a glue stick, outline the vertical segment lines on shape A. Adhere lengths of red-and-white baker's twine over the glue lines. Trim the ends even with the edges of shape A. 4. Cut four 1-1⁄4"-long pieces of brown-and-white baker's twine. Glue one end of each length to the bottom of shape A and the opposite ends to the back of shape E. Glue shape D to the bottom of shape A as shown on the pattern, covering the twine ends. 5. Glue hot-air balloon to the front of the card and add letter stickers to spell "Hello."


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