Lovely Valentine's Day Cards

Heart Cutout Valentine Card
Share the love this Valentine's Day with these oh-so-sweet cards for friends, family, and that special someone. We've rounded up our favorite cards, and we'll tell you how to make each one!

Stitched X and O

Send hugs and kisses with this card. Start with a rectangle of patterned paper slightly smaller than a blank card. We love the way the pink accents pop against the gray polka dots. Cut a heart, banner, and large 'x' and 'o' shapes from different shades and patterns of pink paper. Use adhesive foam to make the heart banner pop, and sew French knots to hold the x and o to the card. To finish, glue rectangle to the front of a blank card. 

Mini Valentine's Day Card

Design by Robyn Werlich

Create an adorable mini valentine with some simple stitching and small punched hearts. Attach tiny hearts punched from different color and pattern paper to the front of a 2x2-inch card. Stamp itwith a sweet sentiment. Sewh a heart and a scalloped ribbon to the flap of the envelope to re-create our look. 

Cutout Cards

We love these adorable fold-out Valentine cards! Use our free pattern to cut them from different patterned papers. They're so easy you can easily make one for everyone on your list. We love this as a kid's valentine for school, too!

Hanging Hearts

Re-create this adorable card with a few easy materials: a blank card, plain cardstock, string, mini clothespins, and patterned papers. Cut the cardstock to match the size of your blank card, fold in half, and cut 1/2 inch off each side. Tape a line of string to the front and back of the cut cardstock card, and hang punched paper hearts with mini clothespins. To finish, glue the cut cardstock to the inside of the blank card to hide the string ends. 

Heart Cutout

We love creative cards, and this pop-out heart valentine is no exception! Make it yourself in three easy steps. Start with a blank greeting card and a slightly smaller piece of cardstock. Fold and cut white cardstock to fit in a card. Use a heart stencil to cut out a heart from the center of the white paper. Use the same stencil to trace a heart onto patterned paper, leaving a flap on each side; cut out the whole shape. Lay the white paper flat, and lay the patterned heart over the opening, taping the flaps to the back side of the insert. To finish the valentine, glue the edges of the white paper to the inside of a blank card and write a sweet note!

Heart Outline

We love the artistic look of this card. We also love how easy it is to re-create! To get the look, lay a heart template on a blank white card. Because you will be spray-painting this heart, you may want to set a rock or flat marble on top of the heart to keep it in place. Working on newspaper and outside or in a well-ventilated area, give each card one spray of red spray paint. When the paint is dry, remove the heart and write a word or sweet saying over the top.

Be My Valentine

Create a detailed card in a few easy steps this Valentine's Day. Cut  a heart from red paper using decorative-edge scissors, and place a slightly smaller heart cut from patterned paper directly over the top; glue both hearts to a crafts paper card. Print and cut out images to personalize the card for each recipient, and attach these to the top. Finish the card with a pretty bow and give to a friend or loved one!

Bicycle Card

Design by Tami Hartley

With stamps, a punch, and a pen, you can whip up a set of these cards in no time. A bicycle stamp and a custom message printed from your computer (or hand-lettered) adorns this card. 


Tweet Hearts Card

Design by Janna Wilson

To make this cute-as-can-be round card, fold a piece of cardstock in half, then cut a circle, leaving one section of the folded side intact. Hearts cut in half with decorative-edge scissors make great wings for bird pieces! Fringed green crafts paper or crepe paper make grass. A sweet bow tops it all off. 


Sophisticated Valentine's Day Card

Design by Cathy Blackstone

Make this subtle but sophisticated card for everyone on your list by stitching around the edges of layers of gray cardstock. Trim the card's sides with decorative-edge scissors and finish with pretty accents. 

Glittery Heart Card

Design by Rhonda Bonifay

For this ubersparkly card, use decorative-edge paper to create the base of the card. Attach precut scrapbook shapes like banner stickers or chipboard hearts using adhesive foam to give the shapes height. 

Shaker Box Card

Design by Jennifer Perks

Here is my edited version. See if it is accurate.

Let your love shine by sending this card. Start by printing a valentine message on pink paper. Glue it to the back of a foam heart outline, which acts as a raised border around the message. Fill that heart with heart-shape sequins or glitter. Seal the sparkles in the heart by gluing a layer of firm plastic (repurposed from a toy box or other package) all along the heart edge, making sure there are no gaps to prevent spills. Top the plastic with another foam heart. Trim the edges even. Glue the finished heart to the top of a card decorated with foam letters spelling out a festive greeting.

Hanging Hearts

Make this pretty card in a few steps. Punch heart shapes from patterned crafts paper and punch a small hole in the center of each heart. Thread rickrack through each hole, and tie knots at the ends to secure. A brad holds the rickrack to the card.

Scrappy Valentine's Day Card

Design by Tracy Kyle

Glue hearts punched from scraps of patterned paper on cardstock for a cheery background. Complete the card with an eye-catching sentiment, like the "Love" die-cut, secured using adhesive foam.

Red Hot Card

Design by Cathy Blackstone

With its clever greeting, this adorable red hot card is sure to boost anyone's ego. To create the pouch, machine-stitch a square of plastic to the card, leaving a small opening for the candies. Add the candies and stitch to close the opening. We love this card because it's customizable to any candies—just change the saying!

Folded Heart Card

Design by Jennifer Perks

Borrow an elementary school technique for this card by folding rectangles of patterned paper in half and cutting out symmetrical hearts. Stitching along the folds to secure the hearts to the card gives the greeting 3-D flair.

Stitched Heart Card

Design by Jennifer Perks

Stitching is a budget-friendly accent when you're making valentine cards in bulk. To make this card, sketch a heart onto a piece of cardstock and machine-stitch over it several times. Add a heart cutout to the center and attach the cardstock to a greeting card. Add stitching around the border for extra flair.

Musical Valentine's Card

Design by Cathy Blackstone

Craft a lyrical card for a music-lover using vintage sheet music. To mute the sheet music, brush a thin coat of white paint over the page. Arrange heart cutouts from patterned paper randomly across the card.

Punched Heart Card

Design by Kelly Rasmussen

Cut a heart from the middle of a card and back the cutout with patterned paper. Add a pretty bow, and stamp accents or a festive greeting onto the front of the card. 

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