Easy December Daily Album

Record 25 days of Christmas in a flash. Browse Ali Edwards' 2008 December Daily album, and find out how you can take the challenge this year!

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    December Daily Introduction

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Ali creates an album full of empty pages before December and finishes a page every day when the month arrives. This allows her to scrap memories as they happen without becoming overwhelmed. Click through to get tips for creating your own album that documents every day from December 1 through December 25.

    Tip from Ali: "Tell one story a day. My album usually ends up being a combination of everyday life stories and holiday-related memories."

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    Pick a Scrapbook Album

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Choose an album that can expand. You may want to add embellishments and extra pages as you go along.

    Tip from Ali: "Gather your supplies in one place. Creating these albums is easier if you corral all your holiday-theme products. That way it's easy to grab what you need throughout the month."

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    Number the Scrapbook Album Pages

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Keep track of the days by numbering your pages in advance.

    Tip from Ali: "For me, setting up the album in advance is part of the adventure. I create the album first and then format my content (stories and photos) around those pages during December. Basically, I make it work."

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    Create Easy Multiphoto Layouts

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Use pocket pages to easily include multiple photos and embellishments.

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    Vary Scrapbook Page Type

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Alter the size and type of layout for interest. This pocket contains memories for Day 3 and lets an oversize photo from Day 4 peek out from behind.

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    Add Text to Photos

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Give a special photo standout treatment. Enlarge the photo to page size in image-editing software, then type journaling in the empty photo space.

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    Handwrite Scrapbook Page Journaling

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Add a personal touch to your album with handwritten journaling. Simply jot down your thoughts and feelings at that moment!

    Tip from Ali: "I suggest a flexible, see-how-it-goes approach (especially if this is your first time), with a little bit of 'keep it simple' thrown in for good measure. Don't get bogged down in what you think this project is supposed to be. Instead, let it evolve to fit your lifestyle."

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    Create a Two-Page Scrapbooking Layout

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Instead of cramming multiple photos onto a page for one day, add supporting photos to the back of the previous day's page.

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    Create a Simple Photo Page

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Nothing to write about today? Fill a page with an oversize photo you love instead.

    Tip from Ali: "Don't worry if you have days in which you don't do anything holiday related. You can tell a past story, snap a photo of a tree ornament and explain how it came to be, or just write about your daily routine."

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    Design a Simple Scrapbook Page Structure

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Create four quadrants on a page to easily display photos and journaling.

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    Use the Front and Back of Each Page

    Design by Ali Edwards

    This spread shows the back of Day 8, where Ali created a pocket for tags from a shopping trip, and the front of Day 9 on which she featured a photo of her holiday d├ęcor.

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    Record Events from a Day

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Ali featured a movie ticket stub on top of a newspaper clipping from the weather section to give insight to the events of that day.

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    Keep Scrapbook Album Pages Simple

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Finish an album page in minutes. Place a handwritten letter to Santa into a page protector, then slip a tag on top for a festive touch.

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    Add Interest with Transparencies

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Layer die cuts and transparencies to create a clever pocket for photos and clippings.

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    Hide Journaling

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Ali hid her journaling in a card-style pocket on the right-hand side of this spread.

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    Convert Holiday Photos to Black-and-White

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Since this is a daily album for the entire month, the colors in your photos may not always match the holiday color scheme of your album. Convert photos to black-and-white to use favorite shots without clashing.

    Tip from Ali: "Carry your camera with you. It might sound like a simple tip, but you miss 100 percent of the photos you don't take. Get creative with all the technology at your fingertips, and consider using a phone camera, a disposable camera, and even the camera on your computer to document the holiday season."

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    Christmas Card Scrapbook Page

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Turn a Christmas card envelope into a scrapbook page. Stick a favorite card, journaling, or photos inside.

    Tip from Ali: "Use what you have. This is a great project for using up lovely holiday-theme products you've been collecting over the years. My December Daily albums feature eclectic mixtures of pages."

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    Try Creatively Shaped Scrapbook Layouts

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Trim scrapbook pages to various shapes and sizes for interest. The rounded-edge of this layout makes it stand out from the rest.

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    Design Custom Embellishments

    Design by Ali Edwards

    For this page, Ali created a special tree embellishment from green jewels in various sizes and shapes.

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    Design by Ali Edwards

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Feature a holiday memento to create a quick page. Ali scrapped a handwritten note from her son on this page. You could get the same look with a special Christmas card, favorite family recipe, etc.

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    Create an Accordion-Style Page

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Ali packed three large photos onto one page by folding it accordion-style. Click the link below to see the folds.

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    Sew Custom Pockets

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Ali divided this spread by sewing down the middle of a page protector. She slipped a vintage, storybook Santa illustration in one side and a vertically cropped photo in the other.

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    Cut the Christmas Color Scheme

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Take a break from bright Christmas colors and focus on the story of the day instead, as Ali did here.

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    Embellish with Paper Scraps

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Turn paper scraps into festive scrapbooking accents with scalloped-edge border punches.

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    Document Holiday Food

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Give holiday comfort food its place in your album. Not an expert food photographer? Scrap the grocery list instead.

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    Feature Christmas Eve Photos

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Ali documented the excitement of the night before Christmas with a large photo and uncluttered journaling.

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    Scrapbook Christmas Day

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Ali completed her 25-day album with a spread about Christmas. The large black-and-white photo is a sparkling focal point, while the right-hand page gives details of the day. Ali wrote two short notes to her children and used the third journaling block to jot down memories from Christmas dinner.

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    Keep Leftover Memorabilia

    Design by Ali Edwards

    Use the last page of your album to safeguard Christmas mementos that didn't make it into the album.

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