Collect a day of photos with your child or friend in this colorful scrapbook page.

Day with Sammy - Scrapbook page
Place photos upside down to make the fun come alive.
  • Photos: horizontal 4-1/4 x 3-5/8 inches; four 2-1/8-inch square
  • Card stock: bright green, blue, and light blue
  • Tools: computer/printer or black fine-tip pen; craft knife; cutting mat; ruler; pencil
  • Adhesives: wet or dry; transparent tape
  • Embellishments: two 7/16-inch and one 3/4-inch red buttons; 3/8-inch-wide black-and-white gingham ribboni


1. On the left side of a sheet of bright green card stock, computer-print or handwrite the journaling 5/8 inch and 6 inches from the top edge of the page, and 3/4 inch from the bottom edge of the page. Cut a 4-1/4 x 11-inch piece of blue card stock and adhere it to the right side.

2. Mount the large photo upside down, with its left edge flush with the page's left edge. Mount two of the square photos side by side, turning one upside down, on the right half of the page. Adhere the remaining two photos side by side on the left side of the page.

3. Adhere a thin strip of light blue card stock vertically to the center of the page, covering the edges of the photos and blue card stock. Adhere a 10-1/2-inch length of black-and-white gingham ribbon near the bottom edge of the page. Wrap the ribbon ends around the page and secure them to the back with transparent tape. Adhere three buttons to the ribbon.


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