Heidi's Trip to The Buggy Barn

Day 1 -- August 25, 2006

I landed in Spokane, Washington, around 1 p.m. Pam's husband, Ron, had come to pick me up at the airport. After getting me checked into the hotel we stopped for a little snack, as Ron was hungry. (I on the other hand had snacked all the way there.) Then we were off to see a butte. Over the years of getting to know Pam and Janet (and Ron) we've often talked farming because my husband and I farm, too. So, Ron knew that I would find it especially interesting to see where they were harvesting that day. The one thing that struck me as we flew into Spokane was how "golden" the land was. In Iowa in August, we see fields of green in every direction, but here it was a beautiful yellow. The view from their butte was incredible. You could see for miles. After a few minutes, we headed toward The Buggy Barn, just a short drive from where we were.

As we drove up the lane, it looked just like the pictures that we had featured in Quilt Sampler 2002. It really is a working farm in the middle of wheat country. It didn't take me long to get wrapped up in the excitement of the store and my pile of stuff was started. My purchasing mission for the afternoon was to buy a wool kit that I could stitch on the way home on Sunday. Once that was accomplished and I seemed to find a few other things to buy, I got a chance to walk around the farm and get a feel for how things were being organized for the big show on Saturday and Sunday.

For supper we headed to Luna's in Spokane. I highly recommend the squash soup!

Day 2 -- August 26, 2006

By the time I arrived at the farm, the quilts were hung and the view was spectacular. The large building in the foreground is the quilt shop.

Quilts were hung on fences, clothes lines, and on buildings.

Pam and Janet take a break from helping park cars to take a picture.

The blue skies and the golden wheat fields were the perfect backdrop for the quilts.

More quilts! Besides looking at the wonderful quilts during the show, there was one barn that had six folk art vendors. So, besides fabric, I was able to take home some other treasures, too.

Cars were parked as far as you could see in both directions.

More quilts. When you needed a break from looking at quilts, Pam and Janet's kids were in charge of the burger tent. Besides the usual brats and burgers, there were huge pickles and wonderful (and huge) cookies from a local bakery. What a treat.

Even Gus got a little attention during the show.

The quilt shop is straight ahead.

For fun we had to have our picture taken below the tourist sign out on the highway. From left to right, Heidi Kaisand, Carrie Nelson, Janet Nesbit, Pam Soliday, and Maggie Bonanomi.

Saturday night ended with a wonderful supper at a local church. Pam's sister-in-law was the chef for the evening. Afterwards, I gave a presentation about the making of our magazine Quilt Sampler.

I headed to bed early on Saturday night, as I had a very early flight. Carrie Nelson was nice enough to take me to the airport at such an early hour! So, I stitched all the way home on my new wool project and the time flew by!

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