Throw a Fall Harvest Party

Celebrate fall with a party. These simple garden harvest ideas bring out the warmth of the season.

Pumpkin Serving Bowl

Turn a pumpkin into a festive bowl perfect for chips. Use half of a large hallowed-out pumpkin set on top a bed of twigs and fall berries to make the perfect serving bowl for your fall party.

Vertical Pumpkin Display

Give a plant stand an autumn-theme job by turning it into a pedestal for mini pumpkins.

Welcoming Pumpkin Decorations

A pile of pumpkins in a rainbow of fall hues is a sweetly seasonal way to greet guests. Pick the shapeliest pumpkin to be the center of attention and paint "welcome" on its side using crafts paint and a small artist's brush.

Outdoor Party Decorating Ideas

A red barn is an ideal setting for a fall garden party. Pumpkins carved with simple decorative slits line the path, inviting guests to come and sit around the harvest-theme table.

Dress a Harvest Table

A horse trough topped with an old door stands in as a buffet table. Green hydrangeas billow from a giant glass cookie jar surrounded by green and white gourds.

Cider Serving Arrangement

Pumpkins, squash, kale, gourds, and a basket of mums surround a bowl brimming with apple cider. Set the bowl in a large basket for a rustic presentation, and place cups and napkins in smaller baskets.

Fall Foliage Wine Cooler

Wrap a bittersweet vine around a tin bucket and add some fallen leaves to transform it into a stylish wine cooler.

Pumpkin Flower Vase

A hollowed-out pumpkin becomes a seasonal vase to showcase fall blooms. It's used here as a centerpiece for the dinner table.

Put Garden Containers to Use

Select unusual containers, such as this yellow sap bucket and green wooden vase, to fill with napkins and flatware.

Old Toolbox Drink Cooler

An old blue box, perhaps once used to store tools, serves as a makeshift cooler. Surround the drink cooler with colorful pumpkins and fall berries to complete the look for your harvest party.

Add a Toasty Fire

Bring in a portable fire pit to set the stage for a magical and warm nighttime gathering. For a sweet treat, toast marshmallows after dinner.

Homey Hay Bales

Scatter hay bales just off the patio to provide extra seats and tables. Cover the bales with warm blankets for party guests to sit on or use.

Provide Warm Blankets

Throw blankets made from simple cuts of fleece from a fabrics store keep guests toasty when they're not settled by the fire.

Swing in Style

A swing hung from a sturdy branch allows kids another way to relish the last days of mild weather. Decorative lights strung on cut branches extend the fun into twilight.

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